Election Results Just Because You Campaigned More, Kept The Most Noise, Spent The Most Money Mean What? Folk Let The Recent Election Be A Teachable Moment!

Just because you campaign more, keep the most noise, spend the most money don’t mean you are the better candidate. You see the work you do will speak for you and not the b.s. that you say.

Folk just don’t get it. You see folk need to learn that you don’t just come out during election time and think you are going to win elections.

I followed some local elections real close because I was very much interested in the outcome and because some folk who lived in those areas were communicating with me about the elections.

I am so glad that the folk in Princeville voted to give Mayor Bobbie Jones another 4 years defeating 1st time candidate Yolanda Thigpen.

Former Princeville Town Councilman Calvin Sherrod almost won a seat back on the council but 1st time candidate Dr. Glenda Knight was able to win the seat after Pamela Ransome decided not to seek re-election.

I am so glad that the folk in Tarboro voted to give Town Councilwoman Sabrina Pettaway Bynum a 4 year term after being appointed to fill the unexpired term of the late Taro Knight. Pettaway Bynum defeated Rev. Roy Gray and Quincy Robinson. Taro Roy Gray’s former campaign manager over the years ran against Rev. Gray who had served on the council for several years.

One thing candidates need to understand is that if you can get folk to go vote during early voting then you can about tell how many votes you will get. You see in the Mayor Jones and Town Councilwoman Pettaway Bynum worked where it count by getting folk to early vote. When the early votes came on the screen I could tell that they were going to win it. Most of the time in small races but in some cases big races also, the early voting makes all of the difference.

I Unfriended Greg Higgs on Facebook because he wanted to use my video of the candidates forum to attempt to get his candidate Yolanda Thigpen elected over Mayor Bobbie Jones. Well I had no problem with him sharing the video but damn just tell the whole truth and not put bullshit out there. When I asked him not to do it he did it anyway. And after I Unfriended Higgs Thigpen came on my page and my some kinda response that made no sense and then immediately blocked me so I can not even see her page however Greg can see my page. It is a difference in Unfriending and Blocking. But it is all good. I ain’t mad with nobody. Just want to clear that up for folk that don’t know the whole story.

Folk let the recent election be a teachable moment. Were you listening to what the candidates had to say? Look at what the candidates were doing before the election and then follow what they do after the election.

After elections the following song always come to my mind, “Tell Me If You Still Care – SOS Band”