Today Is Election Day And It Is Up To You Who You Vote For

During this election I can’t vote for anyone however I can support candidates. I make it known who I support because I know the candidates and also I video them if they attend candidates forum. Once they do I make my comments based on the video and also what I know about them. I don’t make anything up and stand behind everything I say.

I make it known who I support because during all elections I am contacted by some folk asking who I support. I tell them why I support them however I don’t tell them who they should support unless they ask. If they ask I tell them who I feel is the better candidate and that again is based on what the candidates campaign on and because I know them on a personal level. I could say a lot more about the candidates however I do not unless I am working on someone’s campaign. I am not working on anyone’s campaign so therefore my I try to keep it to what they say they are doing, have done and gonna do.

I have made it clear over the years that anyone running for office in Edgecombe County but not limited to, I am watching and will hold them accountable.

After today when the results come in, I wish all of the candidates who win their perspective seats the best. The citizens will have spoken and the votes will be in so that is how democracy works.

I will post the results tonight as they come in but you can follow the results as they come in on the Edgecombe County Board of Elections website and/or your local board and also on the State Board of Elections website.