Democrats I Don’t Want To Talk About Donna Brazille’s Book I Want To Talk About What The Hell We Gone Do About The Party

Democrats I don’t want to talk about Donna Brazille’s book, I want to talk about following the Democratic Party Agenda.

I am waiting on the meeting.

Local Democratic Parties in all 100 counties need to meet and come up with something to send to the State Executive Committee to let them know that it ain’t business as usual from this day forward that we will follow the Democratic Party Agenda and make sure we support good Democrats.

MSNBC host: based on new evidence, Donald Trump’s election may have been illegitimate after all

From the time the very first evidence surfaced of a conspiracy between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia to alter the outcome of the election, numerous members of the Resistance have asserted that Trump’s election was therefore illegitimate. However, even as evidence has continued to gradually pour in, the mainstream media has been hesitant to make that acknowledgment. Now a prominent and respected MSNBC host is finally going there.

Joy Reid is the MSNBC morning weekend host, but on Friday evening she appeared on the Chris Hayes show as a panelist. The discussion centered around the increasing evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the election, and that Donald Trump himself knew about it. For instance, former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos has formally confessed that he told several Trump campaign officials in advance of his plan to conspire with the Kremlin to acquire emails stolen from Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos has also asserted that Trump himself was aware in advance of his plot to arrange a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (MSNBC)

In Response To Should Donna Brazille Have Waited To Release Her Book

imageFor me it does not matter. Sometimes I think folk have to reach rock bottom to get it. For me when I see others hit rock bottom hell I don’t need to get there to know it is real.

You see there ought to be major Democratic Party meetings goings on to discuss the issue of the party’s agenda and see what went wrong and where they need to go.

This could be a good thing because I have had issues with the people of the party every since I have been actively engaged on the grounds. However I follow the Democratic Party Agenda because, That Is What I Like!”

You see ain’t nothing goings on on the local level here in Edgecombe County as it relates to the Democratic Party just silent as hell.

NC Republicans are worried about the man who might redraw our voting map. They should be. – The News & Observer

N.C. Republicans don’t like the idea of using an outside expert to draw new legislative districts for our state. Federal judges, who say the current map relies too heavily on race, intend to assign that job to Stanford University law school professor Nathan Persily. An attorney for the GOP objected Monday in a court filing, according to the Associated Press.

Republicans don’t necessarily have a problem with Persily’s credentials, which are many, or his map-drawing chops, which are considerable. They worry about what GOP lawyer Phil Strach called “possible bias.”

They’re right about that, but maybe not for the reason they think.

We looked at more than a dozen op-eds, interviews and projects that Persily has participated in during the last decade. He’s commented on court decisions involving North Carolina cases – as Strach notes in his filing – but Persily’s analysis of those cases wasn’t particularly controversial or partisan. Still, Republicans should be worried about the maps that Persily might draw – not because he’s biased against the GOP, but because he’s biased against voters being disenfrachised. (The News & Observer)

Rocky Mount Event Center: At the Center of a National Trend in Youth Sports, Generates $4.25 Million in Investment in 60 days – Markets Insider

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C., Nov. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Background: The national boom in youth travel tournaments is part of a trend that seems to be heating up.  Rocky Mount North Carolina has long been a player in the travel sports marketplace, hosting more than 100,000 players and visitors annually at its outdoor sports complex.  However Rocky Mount has achieved a new level of attention related to its new 165,000 sq. ft. indoor sports and events center slated to open in the fall of 2018.  Dev Pathik, Founder and CEO of the firm that has partnered with Rocky Mount to craft this vision and to bring this new facility to life, said “Rocky Mount is ideally suited to host events. It is centrally located between Miami and NYC and is within a five-hour drive of more than 25% of the U.S. population.” (Markets Insider)

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