School board votes to rebuild Princeville Elementary – Rocky Mount Telegram

TARBORO — Shouts, claps, tears and amens erupted at the Edgecombe County Public Schools special called Board of Education meeting on Tuesday as the board voted unanimously to rebuild Princeville Elementary School at it current location.

“I am elated about the decision,” said Princeville Elementary School Principal Annette Walker. “I am especially pleased for the children and their families.”

Shelia Mayo-DeLoatch, a kindergarten teacher at Princeville Elementary School, wept openly at the decision.

“Princeville has always been my school. It is my home. I have taught there since 2001 and had opportunities to go somewhere else, but I have turned them down because Princeville is where I want to be.” (Rocky Mount Telegram)


Bernie Sanders & Donna Brazille Really?

I was never into Bernie Sanders nor Donna Brazille. I didn’t follow Bernie because he was not a Democrat. It was just something about Donna that I just couldn’t. She sounded smart but I didn’t follow her like that and just happened to see her on tv every now and again. I remember when she came to NC, I understand the tickets to see her was high as hell. Well I was not interested.

I have been wondering why the Bernie supporters were and still talking about Hillary Clinton made him lose against Trump. Really?

Maybe if Bernie had ran as a damn Democrat maybe he would have won. I got a problem with every Democrat that voted against the Democratic Party. But I ain’t mad with them because I know this has been a problem over the years. You see I am not ignant to the fact that many Democrats voted for Helms all the years he was kept in office.

But my question is why in the hell are we talking about Sanders and Brazille when the main thang should be talking about the mess we got in the White House in the now.

We need to be talking about how we can build the Democratic Party to become a force to be reckon with instead of talking about past bull… that ain’t gonna help the Democratic Party.

Edgecombe County we got enough to talk about because our local party ain’t doing a damn thing. We have no party leadership.

If anyone want to talk about Democratic Party stuff, talk to me 1st about our local dysfunctional party. Let’s talk about the state party because that state executive committee.