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I do what I do out of pocket attending meetings videoing and taking photos making them public for folk who do not attend for whatever reason. It takes funds to do what I do.

I video a variety of things from meetings, banquets, sporting events, funerals and other. I post my videos on YouTube where you can access them at anytime that is convenient for you.

I also take photos and post them on my Facebook page and make them available for others to see. If someone do not have a Facebook page they can still view the photos.

It takes funds to travel places and then it takes funds for equipment.

You have 3 options that you can send donations, Cash App, PayPal or send via USPS.

I have a Cash App  and a PayPal account that you can send money from your phone.

Also you can send donations to: Curmilus Dancy II P.O. Box 1391 Pinetops, NC 27864.

Thanking you in advance.

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Open Letter To Greg Higgs, But Greg Why Don’t You Tell Folk Why Your Candidate Is The Better Candidate Instead Of Focusing On Who I Am Supporting

The following was shared with me. But Greg I couldn’t respond like I wanted to and when I wanted to on yesterday because I was at my cousin’s funeral videoing and taking photos. Somebody will pass this on to you. Matter of fact just talked to your dad this morning something I do on the regular. So glad you and Roosevelt don’t rub off on the whole family.

But Greg I didn’t mention Greg Higgs in my post, Mayor Bobbie Jones Is The Best Candidate For Mayor of Princeville NC And The Videos Validates Whybecause I don’t need your validation nor anyone when I say what I mean and mean what I say.

But Greg 1st you put my video out there talking about support Yolanda Thigpen and I asked him to tell us why his candidate was the best candidate and he could not say. He told me to talk about Mayor Jones. I had posted that if anyone wanted to respond to respond with some sense because one ain’t gonna use my video to attempt to twist what actually went on. My videos don’t lie but I am not going to allow ignant asses to use my video for their own self aggrandizement. Look that up in Webster or ask somebody. I would tell you what it means but since you like to follow me, then follow that. 

But Greg ignant you have no clue about what goes on in the NAACP because you are not a member and never have been. So I don’t know who where you got that from. What the hell do you mean by down in members because a branch got to have a certain amount of members to be legit. This is the problem today the branch went to hell under her leadership and folk wanted to know what happened and where the books were.

But Greg when Bobbie Jones decided not to run again he stepped down and I could have moved up since we only had one vice president and that was me. I said I wanted some one young to take over so we could draw some folk in. It was never my intentions to keep my membership in Tarboro because I was going back to Rocky Mount just moved my membership to help get Tarboro branch back going. And when I moved my membership back I still attended all of the meetings until both Tarboro and Rocky Mount began meeting on the same day. So ignant you have no clue of what you are talking about. You talking to an ACTIVE Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP so don’t even go there.

But Greg you definitely have no clue about politics and listen to your ignant ass uncle when it comes to politics and he has mislead folk over the years but not me because I have challenged him over the years and called that ass out.

But Greg damn ignant all you picked out of my comments as I responded to her comments in the video is the NAACP. She didn’t elaborate on what she did in the video if you looked at the video ignant. She just mentioned the NAACP. But Greg, I responded to everything she said and I challenge her on everything she said. Anyone in their right mind after reading this ignant ass mess if they looked at the video they would see why you got nothing to say but trying to make it about me.

But Greg so in the future brother support your candidate and don’t worry about the candidates I support. I win some and I lose some however I have won more than I have lost unlike you and Roosevelt be on the losing team when it comes to going against the candidates that I support so ya’ll attempt to go after me instead of saying why your candidate is the better candidate. But you can’t do that because Uncle Roosevelt can’t help you on this one.

But Greg I tried to teach you something but I see uncle Roosevelt got you messed up.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”