Don’t Blame Me! This Is Who The Rocky Mount Telegram, The Community Council & Whig-TV Has Chosen For Their Spokesperson (My Ignant Opinion) See The Pattern


Watch Video – Cunningham             Watch Video – Knight

Knight addressed this ignant ass but Cunningham had a problem. Nobody stopped him while he was talking about nothing because the city council ain’t killed no damn body. And Cunningham think he can talk speak again, damn what part of the photo he didn’t understand you don’t get to rebuttal. So this is what it appears The Rocky Mount Telegram, The Community Council and Whig-TV is promoting. But just my ignant opinion. Oh I can’t leave out that ignant ass Rev. Roosevelt Higgs who call in to WHIG-TV and try to discredit the Rocky Mount City Council. Hell yeah this bothers me when these ignant asses try to discredit the entire council although they only call a few names but what they say reflect the whole council. Knight said enough for the rest of them so they didn’t have to address that ignant ass during the meeting.




6 thoughts on “Don’t Blame Me! This Is Who The Rocky Mount Telegram, The Community Council & Whig-TV Has Chosen For Their Spokesperson (My Ignant Opinion) See The Pattern

  1. Just for your “DUMB ASS’ DANCY I presented that letter to the city council but it had “CERTIFICATE OF SHAME ” Ghosted across the front, and the other thing your “DUMB ASS” don’t know is that there’s no complaint it was an attempt from the city to intimidate and silence me. I first carried the letter to the police department once receiving it and they had the exact same sentiments as I, and informed me that PROTOCOL has a ZERO TOLERANCE for action stated in the letter and would have gone into effect with an arrest being made. So “DUMB ASS’ get the facts before you make a FOOL of your self, but thanks for posting it. “DUMB ASS”.


  2. DUMB ASS TROLL put the facts out here. Who do you say I threatened? and post the arrest warrant and the singed complaint affidavit. ZERO TOLERANCE MEANS ZERO DUMB ASS. How does it feel to be dependent on “The WHITE Man” pay check for your existence. So in actuality you’re the “safe negro” you so claim other blacks are. You talk racist smack about white people with your BUMB ASS black lives matter T-shirt on but yet you got your hand stuck OUT come pay day. GET A REAL JOB.


    • Ignant I hope you can read however maybe somebody read for you. The letter said disruptive and threatening behavior. It did not mention the name of the person/s you were talking to ignant.

      The letter said nothing about you were arrested.

      I have worked on my job proudly for 30 years and they hired me and I work.

      The white man paycheck, I find that some kind of funny but what should I expect from an ignant like you. Working on a job make me a safe negro. Really?

      Ignant I talk about white folk and black folk so don’t get it twisted. The last time I checked your ignant ass is black so therefore that shows just how ignant you are.

      Yep I wear my Black Lives Matter Shirt.

      Got my hand stuck out come payday? Nope! My check is direct deposited.

      But you work for got a little job because nobody probably will hire you. You probably got a criminal record so you can’t go into the workforce.

      Your ignant ass is probably mad with the city because they will not give you any work.

      Got more ignant? If you want to talk about the letter, then speak to it and not twist it.

      Again have you gone down to city hall with disruptive and threatening behavior? I bet yo ass know how to talk to them now when you go down there.

      Now Run & Tell That!


  3. Why did you remove “CERTIFICATE OF SHAME” ghosted across the front of the letter before posting it. Didn’t you sue your employer for discrimination and they gave you a desk to sit your ass down in and be quiet. What exactly does your job (work force) consist of ? I read the letter again and the conclusion is that you and those as you only read and see what you want. It’s just STUPID to think that I would present a letter to the City of Rocky Mount or engage in actions that would be detrimental to my advocating on behalf of the 15 POOR BLACK COMMUNITIES when addressing the sorry ass BLACK LEADERSHIP in Rocky Mount. Print that on your T-Shirt. “Black lives matter” ? so then why am I the only one standing for poor blacks, where’s the naacp? When are you going to stand to be seen and speak to be heard on the poverty and GENTRIFICATION growing daily in POOR BLACK C0MMUNITIES?


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