Rocky Mount City Council/Johnnie Cunningham Drama

Interesting thing is that there have been 6, not five votes for the Downtown Facility Center and the Associated Tax Increase. Only WB has voted no. Yet, for whatever reason, people attacking Chris Miller and seem to ignore Tom and forget that without Miller there will be five, not 4 voting the way Miller did. But there will still be a 4 – 3 black majority.

Them damn racist over there at WHIG-TV and those who post on The Community Council page tickles the hell out of me because they do a damn good job of misleading folk and/or allowing others to call in to or post ignant mess on their page.

It is funny as hell how all they talk about is the Rocky Mount City Council. Well I guess they can’t talk about the Nash County Commissioners meetings because the chair of the commissioners Robbie Davis has purchased much into the buying of WHIG-TV so therefore he is part owner.

Why do these ignants think that Johnnie Cunningham and some others think they can go to the Rocky Mount City Council meetings and think they can make accusations attacking council persons without proof and the council is suppose to allow them to do so. Really?

And then to add more drama to all of this that ignant ass Rev. Roosevelt Higgs call in to WHIG-TV and say ignant mess. Who listens to this ignant ass? Ignant Ass Racist White Folk.


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