SouthWest Edgecombe Cougars JV Football Win Against Undefeated Farmville Central Jaguars

SouthWest Edgecombe Cougars JV is 6-1 and Farmville is now 6-1. SouthWest is headed towards another 1st place season which would make them conference champs 3 years in a row.

Q1 Farmville Jaguars vs SouthWest Edgecombe JV Football

Q1 Farmville Jaguars vs SouthWest JV Football

Q2 Farmville Jaguars vs SouthWest JV Football

Q2 Farmville Jaguars vs SouthWest JV Football

Q3 Farmville Jaguars vs SouthWest JV Football

Q3 Farmville Jaguars vs SouthWest JV Football

Q4 Farmville Jaguars vs SouthWest JV Football

Q4 Farmville Jaguars vs SouthWest JV Football

At Least One NFL Owner Cleared A Very Low Bar On Anthem Protests – Deadspin

The Watch Dog response: Can’t wait to see how they twist these trues!

“When Colin originally sat, I was taken aback by it,” York said. “I felt like a lot of people who have been negative toward the anthem protest, then I sat down with Colin and I heard where he was coming from … I think his message has been lost, and that’s the disappointing thing in this. His message has been lost in what he’s fighting for, and I think that’s one of the things that really struck me is, the more you sit down with our players and hear what they’re about and what they’re fighting for, it’s really, really hard to disagree with them.” (Deadspin)

Videos Of Candidates Forum For Edgecombe County

The DCN News Blog Online TV was present at the forum because I am an active and engaged citizen serving since the late 80’s. I am a community activist 1st, Democratic Party Precinct Chair and has served as a 3rd Vice, 2nd Vice, 1st Vice and Chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party since 1989 until the present I am serving as a Precinct Chair and on the County Executive Committee and 3rd I am  Life Paid Member NAACP member and has served as a 3rd Vice President, 2nd Vice President and 1st Vice President joined in 1992 and I am currently 2nd Vice President of the Rocky Mount Branch. I served as 2nd Vice President under Bobbie Jones when he was President of the Edgecombe County Branch when I moved my membership to Tarboro to help them restart the branch along with District Director Carl White.

When it comes to Edgecombe County Politics I don’t play because folk are making decisions on my ehalf and others in Edgecombe County so I will challenge anyone when it comes to politics. I was given the name The Watch Dog of The East and then later The Political Agitator so I go by both.

You know it is interesting that folk rely on my videos to help get their message out but see who in the video acknowledge my work. Hell the HRC didn’t even and didn’t would the video be online. Nothing says I have to post the video but I do out of the kindness of my heart taking time out of my busy schedule. However Othar Woodard one of the candidates did thank me for my services. Yolanda Thigpen mentioned DCN and the local papers.

Enjoy the videos below that are courtesy of The DCN News Blog Online TV where you can see it for yourself and make an informed comment. Since I pay the cost to be the boss I will not allow ignant ass comments so come correct. Feel free to comment on my blog and/or on my YouTube page but keep comments based on the facts as presented in my videos because my videos don’t lie so you ain’t gonna lie on my videos. If you get ignant I will delete your comments, however say what you mean based on the video.

I will say who I support when I do my spill on the forum.

Note: I was not going to post videos until I had time to give my spill on the forum so that will be coming later. I volunteered to video SouthWest High School JV Football games so I will do my piece over the next day or 2.

Also keep in mind, “I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” “I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!”

Videos are broken down in Parts 1 – 6.

Part 1 Candidates Forum 2017 Edgecombe County Opening Comments

Part 2 Candidates Forum 2017 Edgecombe County Opening Comments

Part 3 Candidates Forum 2017 Edgecombe County Opening Comments

Part 4 Candidates Forum 2017 Edgecombe County Questions From The Floor

Part 5 Candidates Forum 2017 Edgecombe County Questions From The Floor

Part 6 Candidates Forum 2017 Edgecombe County Questions From The Floor

Part 7 Candidates Forum 2017 Edgecombe County Closing Comments From The Moderator

Rocky Mount City Council/Johnnie Cunningham Drama

Interesting thing is that there have been 6, not five votes for the Downtown Facility Center and the Associated Tax Increase. Only WB has voted no. Yet, for whatever reason, people attacking Chris Miller and seem to ignore Tom and forget that without Miller there will be five, not 4 voting the way Miller did. But there will still be a 4 – 3 black majority.

Them damn racist over there at WHIG-TV and those who post on The Community Council page tickles the hell out of me because they do a damn good job of misleading folk and/or allowing others to call in to or post ignant mess on their page.

It is funny as hell how all they talk about is the Rocky Mount City Council. Well I guess they can’t talk about the Nash County Commissioners meetings because the chair of the commissioners Robbie Davis has purchased much into the buying of WHIG-TV so therefore he is part owner.

Why do these ignants think that Johnnie Cunningham and some others think they can go to the Rocky Mount City Council meetings and think they can make accusations attacking council persons without proof and the council is suppose to allow them to do so. Really?

And then to add more drama to all of this that ignant ass Rev. Roosevelt Higgs call in to WHIG-TV and say ignant mess. Who listens to this ignant ass? Ignant Ass Racist White Folk.


I had to stay up to see this ignant conversation on the Wednesday Morning Talk Show as they replayed it at 12 midnight. Damn it is unbelievable the mess they allow Johnnie Cunningham and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to call in and say about Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell along with some of the other city council members.

But what tickles me the most is how good folk sit back and don’t say anything so therefore if all folk hear they will believe that ignant mess.

It is a damn shame that effective black leaders have to put up with ignant black folk like these 2 guys always attacking the council. It is my belief that obviously Cunningham wants something from the council and they will not give it to him. I know what Higgs problem is, he is just jealous as hell over Knight and Blackwell along with myself.

Will someone tell me what Cunningham and Higgs has done to help Rocky Mount or Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play?

Board delays decision on Princeville school – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Dr. Bridges did the right thing because the County Commissioners fund the school system and the town of Princeville Commissioners need to come together and make sure everything is in place. What folk need to understand is that the elected officials can listen to the citizens but they have to make the best decision that they will be accountable for. Putting the school system back up and rolling is one thing but to be able have long term funding is the main thing. I don’t get it because just like the children moved during the school year due to the flood they can move during the school year if necessary. I remember we moved into a new high school SouthWest during the school year of February 1979 because I helped some teachers move.

TARBORO — The fate of Princeville Elementary School still remains uncertain as Monday night’s expected vote on the issue did not take place.

The “approval of Princeville Elementary School” was listed on the agenda for the Edgecombe County Public Schools Board of Education meeting, and the school board was expected to vote on the restoration of the school that was flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew roughly a year ago. However, Superintendent Dr. Valerie Bridges announced at the meeting that the vote had been delayed.

“At this time we will need to remove that item,” Bridges said. “There are a couple of meetings that need to occur before we make a final decision or it is brought to a vote before the board.” (Rocky Mount Telegram)