Report: Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners for collusion – MSN

Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance under the collective bargaining agreement for collusion against NFL team owners, reports Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report.

Kaepernick has hired high-profile attorney Mark Geragos and is preparing to release a statement about his grievance soon, added Freeman.

The free-agent quarterback has remained unemployed since his release by the San Francisco 49ers in March and has garnered little interest from teams around the league.

This has caused some to suggest he’s being blackballed for his national anthem protests during the 2016 season.

Kaepernick appeared in 12 games for 49ers in 2016, throwing for 2,241 yards with 16 touchdowns to four interceptions. (MSN)

About These Shootings

Part 1

What I find is a common factor these guys are not out just shooting folk at random theses guys are friends, associates or whatever they know each other. So how can I stop friends from killing each other when I don’t hang out with them. If you and I got beef as buddies, I would hope our friends around us at the time would say ya’ll cut that mess out. But not only do that not happen I am assuming, but then they have damn amnesia and don’t know nothing and didn’t see nothing. I don’t know how that can be fixed unless they fix it themselves.

Part 2

If the right information is put out by those on the scene, then the wrong information would not get out.