Texas labor union files official grievance against Jerry Jones

The Watch Dog response: White privilege at its best. Can’t wait to see how the players respond to this mess.

Jerry Jones may have a fight on his hands.

In the wake of proclaiming Dallas Cowboys players will be made inactive for any act he deems as “disrespectful” to the flag or National Anthem, he’s now facing an official complaint filed by a Texas labor union. According to Clarence Hill, Jr. of Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jones is being accused of violating the rights of his own players.

Jones cites conversations between himself and Donald Trump wherein he insists his stance is rooted in a section of an NFL policy on how teams and players should conduct themselves pre-game. Kevin Seifert of ESPN was able to locate the policy, which still provides power to the league in how they choose to deal with anthem demonstrations — seeing as it reads “should” and not “must”.

In other words, it’s not mandatory. (24-7 Sports)


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