NFL Saga Wife Beat, Kills Teammate While Driving Drunk, Sexual Assaults, Wife Killed And The List Goes On But It Is All About Patriotism

Reposted from Larry Johnson Facebook page, a good read!

“Ray Rice beats his wife unconscious, nobody boycotts the NFL.

Josh Brent kills his teammate while driving drunk, nobody burns their tickets.

Ben Roethlisberger is accused of multiple sexual assaults and still has a job in the NFL.

Rae Carruth murders his wife to avoid paying child support, nobody walks out of a football game.

Aaron Hernandez commits two murders, nobody burns their tickets.

Greg Hardy was hired by the Dallas Cowboys during his suspension for beating his girlfriend, where was everyone’s moral outrage and boycotting then?

But players take a knee in silent protest as granted to them under the rights covered by the First Amendment, people burn their tickets, boycott the NFL, threaten players lives and livelihood.

Boy, we have some messed up priorities.”

This isn’t about Patriotism, it’s about Capitalism!


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