SouthWest Edgecombe 2017 Graduation Drama

I caught hell about the graduation drama at SouthWest Edgecombe and my video was used. I tried to keep it from going where it went but some folk took the opportunity to make a mess out of it.

The principal was moved to Tarboro High School right before the school year began. I think that was a good thing because not only will he be able to continue to do what he do but also look at the Tarboro High Football program.

But nobody is talking about the graduating student. So what is the status on him? Nobody seems to be concerned about him anymore.

Well I hope he is gone on to the Navy and will do good.

My videos of the graduation went all over the nation and I was contacted by the sources either by phone, email or text. I didn’t lose anything during the drama. I enjoyed the comments as if I was the enemy. Lost some Facebook Friends but guess what, ask do I give a damn? I am gonna continue to be me and blog about issues that are dear to me and some others. Yep I know everybody ain’t gonna want to hear these trues.

I ain’t mad with nobody, I try to help folk.