White Male Terrorists Are an Issue We Should Discuss – TeenVogue

Since September 11, 2001, preventing terrorism in the United States has become one of the main concerns of citizens, policymakers, and law enforcement agencies. Leaders believe that battling “terror” isn’t just done by waging war on jihadists themselves, but also on their ideology. When an attack whose perpetrator is affiliated with Islam occurs on American soil, the nation collectively recoils in horror at the audacious attack, mourns for those we’ve lost, and then subsequently doubles down on rooting out any semblance of pro-extremist thought in our society.

When the assailant is identified, intelligence agencies conduct a thorough investigation into the subject’s known terror ties. These ties are provided to outlets that, in real time, condemn the violent extremism that animated the subject. When bad actors align themselves with extremist Islamic ideology, information about those who propagate this dangerous dogma is eagerly consumed because we deem it essential — not to just know what happened, but everything and every person that may have influenced what happened. Yet when it comes to domestic terrorism carried out by white men, such thorough accounting lacks. (TeenVogue)

Breaking News – As Of Today October 2, 2017 I Am Dr. Dancy

I didn’t think nothing of it but it just clicked in my mind that Rev. Dr. Ignant Roosevelt Higgs was on to something when he used to call and leave messages on my phone harassing me. He used to address me as Dr. Dancy and called himself Dr. Higgs.

Since I specialize in dealing with Ignant Racist White Folk and Ignant Safe Black Folk I am accepting the title of Dr. Dancy via Rev. Dr. Ignant Roosevelt Higgs. You see if Dr. Higgs and some others can call themselves Drs. then why can’t I? No disrespect to those whom have been to school to receive theirs but even then there are some that are just holding the title without any substance. Oh ya’ll don’t get it.

Well just having an ignant moment but I love it because I think it is some trues to all of this.

Yes I Know We Need A Military

Don’t take this wrong because I know we need a military. I have been working in the aerospace business for the past 30 years building fuel controls that goes on F-15 and F-16 Fighter Jets, Tanks and etc.

Some black men went to the service to get away from the farm not because they really wanted to go. Now some have done well and some have not. But it was an option.

Let’s not get it twisted that black folk have not served in the military for whatever reason.

But just recently I read somewhere about the 1st black female something in the military. Really! After all of these years we still talking about the 1st black. Well!

I ain’t mad with nobody but don’t get mad with me when I talk about the trues.