Richmond teens offer alternative take on Confederate monuments – ABC 8 News

The Watch Dog response: I get so sick and tired of folk acting as if all issues can’t be dealt with at the same time. There are enough folk to deal with multiple issues that are dear to them. I understand the purpose of this message however what I have a problem with is why do folk always think they have the right to tell other folk what they need to focus on? Why don’t some other folk line up with this group and focus on the issues they raise? What are they doing? It is said the statue has never done anything to this group or anyone they care about. Really? This let me know they do not know their history. Violence in low-income communities and struggling school systems neither of them didn’t just begin because these are country wide issues. I have been fighting these issues here in my state since the late 80’s and the struggle continues. Why? Because folk don’t get involved but make blanket statements. The issues raised in this article are all legit but didn’t just begin. Until the communities that are affected take a stand, then nothing will change. Every issue in this post need to be addressed and all at the same time. When one understand the significance of slavery then they will understand why all of the issues named exists. These types of post make white folk think that they are validated to hold on to as one statue in Rocky Mount NC reads, Preserving Southern Ideas. All of the issues named here are just that being preserved by those who want the communities to stay right where they are because they are making money off of the poor. Andre Knight Rocky Mount City Councilman’s comments during last week’s Council Meeting addressed the following from a black majority council angle. Andre Knight Preaches During Rocky Mount City Council Meeting Monday September 11, 2017

A recent Facebook post written by a group of Richmond teens is adding some context to the conversation over the Confederate monuments in the city

Shared by the group Richmond Cycling Corps, and written by a 17-year-old on behalf of his friends who all grew up in in the city’s public housing, the post describes a recent trip the teens took to visit Monument Avenue. The post’s author, Daquan, writes to ask that residents and media give other issues in the city, such as violence in low-income communities and the struggling local school system, more attention.

“Everybody’s pointing blame at Monument Avenue and the statues that reside there, but those statues never did anything to me or people that I care about,” he wrote. “The only thing that ever harmed people in low-income areas is the violence that resides there.”

Daquan writes that collectively, the five teens who visited the monuments Friday know twenty-two people who died in just the past year.

“What if I told you that there were kids starving in your backyards, living in rundown buildings?” he wrote. “What if I told you that there are kids that [would] rather rob, steal and kill rather than going in the house with nothing to eat? … You might think that makes them savages or ruthless, but it’s all we know.”

The post also addresses issues with the Richmond Public School system. (ABC 8 News)


Letter to the Editor: Racial divide renewed under Trump – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: As usual Mrs. Gardenia Hobbs is on point.

The overt racism displayed in Charlottesville, Virginia and the response from Donald Trump in the aftermath, should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that racism in this country is alive and well. Trump’s pardoning of Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, a man whose law enforcement career centered on racial profiling and racial terrorism, sent a loud and clear signal that racism is acceptable in the White House down to the outhouse. No matter the spin around Trump’s reasoning for granting this pardon, it calls into question more so than ever his racial views and commitments to justice for all. Intentional or not, Trump has given a green light to the likes of the KKK, neo-Nazis, skinheads, neo-Confederates and other extremist groups. (Rocky Mount Telegram)