The Watch Dog response: Yours truly was mentioned in this article.

If you go past the three minute limit for public comment in a Stantonsburg town meeting, you could be arrested. Tuesday night while Wilson NAACP president Ricardo Dew was speaking, the three minute time limit was called. He asked Mayor Randy Weaver if he could ask one question before he sat down. Dew came to the town council  after a number of citizens called him to express their concerns about how they are treated by the police in that town

Weaver said he had to move on. “I’ve asked you to sit down, so please sit down,” Weaver said to Dew. A Sharpsburg police sergeant stood up behind Dew and reached for Dew’s left arm. Dew pulled his arm free. (The Wilson Post)


Police complaints dominate Sharpsburg meeting – Wilson Times

The Watch Dog response: Yours truly was mentioned in this article.

By Corey Friedman

cfriedman@wilsontimes.com | 252-265-7813

SHARPSBURG — Four people alleging unfair treatment from town police addressed Sharpsburg commissioners Tuesday, and Mayor Randy Weaver vowed to investigate the claims.

Police Chief John Hunt said reports and video recordings of the incidents will show officers acted appropriately in each case.

“We’ve got to do our job,” Hunt said after the meeting. “My main thing is to keep peace and make sure we have a safe community…If you violate the law, we will enforce it. I will not turn my head on it.” (Wilson Times)

Man scolds council over crime – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: How in the hell do white folk feel they can pick and choose who our leaders are? How in the hell did they come up with Johnnie Cunningham being a prominent member of the local black community? Hell who meet the criteria of being a prominent member of the black community today? I know a lot of folk but I would really have to look at that title with a fine tune comb. But to say prominent is to sell papers especially when you have to attempt to level the playing when the outspoken Unbought and Unbossed Andre Knight is a part of the discussion. I am glad to see a follow up news article because the one done on the night of the council meeting didn’t do the meeting any justice. However I know the writer that night had a time frame to meet to get it in the paper for the next day. In order to feel the full effect of what took place at the meeting you have to see it for yourself. You can watch the video by clicking on the following link: Andre Knight Preaches During Rocky Mount City Council Meeting Monday September 11, 2017 and you will be glad that you did.

A prominent member of the local black community claims the Rocky Mount City Council is too focused on building the Event Center instead of getting a grip on crime, and poor black neighborhoods are suffering because of it. 

The comments were met with a stern rebuke from Andre Knight, one of the city’s four black council members.

“Don’t come here blaming me,” Knight said. “I’m going to fight on this council as long as I can for equality and parity for all, for those who didn’t have representation for 150 years. Don’t blame me, go to the root of the problem.”

Johnny Cunningham, executive director of ReGroup, sparked the confrontation during Monday’s council meeting when he said the council has left poor blacks out of the equation, leading them to be exploited, used, abused and counted for less than nothing so members of the council could  . . . (Rocky Mount Telegram)