Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office vehicle involved in fatal wreck – CBS

The Watch Dog response: This is a sad day in Edgecombe County when you actually know the folk involved. My condolences goes out to the Gardner family formerly of Pinetops and the Corey family.

TARBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – A woman was killed and her husband seriously injured in an accident Wednesday afternoon involving a sergeant from the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office, the Highway Patrol confirmed.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol was dispatched to McKendree Church Road at 12:37 p.m. in response to the collision.

Sgt. Bryan Corey was driving an Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office Ford F-150 southeast on the road while hauling a car on a trailer. (CBS)


Press Release: Edgecombe County Sheriff Office Report A Fatal Wreck Involving A Passenger Car And An Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office Vehicle


On the afternoon of 09/13/2017, there was a fatal wreck on McKendree Church Rd. involving a passenger car and an Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office vehicle. The wreck is being investigated by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. Please keep the family of the victim and all parties involved in the wreck in your thoughts and prayers.

Mayor Bobbie Jones Reelection Campaign

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen!!


It is with enthusiasm that I am running for a second term as mayor of the “Oldest Town Chartered By Blacks in America”, Princeville, NC. If you think we have represented our town well over the past four years, we solicit your support via prayers, campaigning and financially. We will be meeting weekly from now through the election at my home. If you would like to assist, please let us know.


As I reflect on the last four years, I can honestly say that progress is being made. In 2013, no promises were made; however, we had goals. Our goals were as follows: 1. Build Trust between Citizens, our Board of Commissioners and myself. This goal was accomplished. Our citizens trust us to do what is right by them and by our town.


2. Build a working relationship between our citizens, our Board of Commissioners and myself. This goals was also accomplished, We listen to our citizens, and we vote as a result; therefore, the majority of our votes have been unanimous. Obviously, everyone will not be pleased with all of our votes; however, there is no where in this world everyone will be pleased with all decisions.


3. Beautify the town. Goal accomplished, with more work to do.


4. Seek Public/Private Partnerships for: A. Town Improvement Projects B. Youth Recreation C. Economic Development D. Tourism – Taking place as we speak


5. For Each Negative Article published about our town, there will be five positive articles published about our town – Goal accomplished. This is important because perception becomes reality.  


With these goals accomplished and/or still being works in progress, where do we go from here? We have tremendous opportunities before us, and we are capitalizing on them. We are in the process of annexing 53 acres of land into our town’s city limits, with an additional 100 acres in the near future. Simultaneously, we are working with developers for multi-use housing, retail, recreation etc. Our goal is to become self-sustaining and self-sufficient. Every need of our citizens will be provided within our boundaries!!


With these additions, not only will we return our former citizens home, we will draw new citizens as well, which will increase our tax base. An increased tax base allow us to provide more and better services.


We are on our way to realizing our theme, “Let US Make Princeville Great Again”!! And on our way to greatness, we are following the five (5) Bs – Building Back Bigger, Better, Bolder!! Will you join our team? Will you support financially? If so, please make checks payable to “The Committee To Elect Bobbie Jones, Mayor”!!


Thank you for your time and consideration!!