Church Folk, Brothers Keep The Faith

Do church folk with titles from the pastor on down who continue to live a lie all the days of their lives really going to make it to heaven?

I look at my situation now trust me I ain’t mad with nobody, church folk, racist and/or whomever because I ain’t gonna miss my blessing over ignance.

I think about my mother who died in 1997 because we were close and I did what a son was suppose to do up until the last day she was on this earth. I know some folk visit their love one grave often. I only visit my mother’s grave when someone is buried in the family cemetery.

But the other love of my life that I lost in 1999 was my oldest daughter due to her mother and her husband moved 4 hours away trying to keep me from seeing her. I traveled the 8 hour drive there and back from around 1990 for about 10 years until I got tired of the games being played trying to make it difficult to see my daughter.

A couple of years ago my daughter told me I had never done anything for her had not paid a doctor bill so guess who could have told her that?

The trues are hell in the 1st 2 years plus I bought all the pampers, milk, clothes and other before they moved out of the state. When I picked her up I bought her new clothes and things everytime I picked her up. I took the clothes with me when I took her back home so she could have new clothes.

I stayed in contact with my daughter’s elementary school for a couple of years.

I had to take the mom to court to get visitation rights, voluntarily paid child support and over paid and received money back.

My daughter was on my insurance until she turned 26 4 years ago because she turned 30 this year. 

Because I tried to do my part, I have no regrets. However I just hope that since everybody is preaching now that they get it right because I don’t want to see anyone miss their blessing with my name associated with them.

Folk told me I should have tried to get sole custody of my daughter because of certain reasons but I felt like a daughter should grow up being raised by her mother. But although that was not the case with my daughter’s mother because she was not raised by her mother.

With all that is going on in this world today, it would seem that church folk would try to get it right on this side because I just don’t see them making it to heaven. 

Some folk need to have some real testimonies talking about how they got it right while the blood is still running warm in their body.

But this is just my ignant opinion.

I know some of my brotherns reading this can relate to not being able to be a part of their children lives, but do your part and keep the faith.


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