Whether she’s on the $20 bill or not, Harriet Tubman made men pay for underestimating her – The Washington Post

The Watch Dog response: Ya’ll better look at these hidden trues. But folk white and black keep talking about as the trues are being made known, they want to say that the confederate flag and monuments are history. Yep it is, but they don’t want to connect them to slavery and other mess that oppressed black folk.

The Trump administration refused Thursday to commit to putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. Reneging on an Obama administration decision to replace slave owner Andrew Jackson — President Trump’s favorite president — with Tubman, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin explained he would base a new $20 bill design on preventing counterfeiting rather than on a new portrait.

“Ultimately, we will be looking at this issue,” Mnuchin said in a CNBC interview. “It’s not something I’m focused on at the moment.”

[Trump treasury secretary won’t commit to putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill]

Tubman never waited for a man to affirm her.

Tubman reveled in defying men, defying governments, defying slavery, defying Confederate armies and slave catchers who put a $40,000 bounty on her head. (The Washington Post)