If My Being Vocal Offends You Then Too Damn Bad!

If my being vocal offends you then too damn bad because I am free! I do not accept mess!

I know the truth will set me free so I am going to continue to seek trues all the days of my life. And when I arrive at trues I am going to share them with others even those who are in denial, don’t know any better or just don’t give a damn.

So you can either love the trues or continue to be in denial!

Hey I am ain’t mad with nobody, I am just mad about the half-trues that folk tell but not with the folk. When folk get mad they do something. You see I am mad and what? Doing something, putting the trues out there.

Get ready! Get ready! More trues to come.

You better hear these trues in my Pastor Walter Adkins voice. Good God Almighty!


Press Release: Edgecombe County Sheriff Deputies Arrested Pitt County Man For Breaking or Entering, Resisting Office After Being Reported Of Careless & Reckless Driving On Stallings Road In Crisp NC


On 08/30/17, Deputies responded to reports of a careless and reckless driver on Stallings Rd. in Crisp. Before the responding Deputy arrived, the suspect vehicle wrecked in a ditch. The Deputy approached the wrecked vehicle with his blue lights on. The suspect jumped back into the vehicle and sped away in reverse, eventually re-entering the roadway. The suspect failed to heed the blue lights and siren of the Deputy as he fled at a high rate of speed, travelling in the wrong lane of travel. He eventually ran off the left hand side of the road flipping his vehicle and being ejected from the vehicle.

The driver is believed to have been impaired at the time of the incident. It was found through investigation that the suspect had broken into two storage sheds behind a residence on Stallings Rd. previous to his contact with the Deputy.

Warrants are pending in relation to this incident while the suspect is treated for injuries sustained when he wrecked his vehicle. Upon release from the hospital, William Michael Davis of Greenville will be served with warrants for Breaking or Entering, Resisting Public Officer, Flee to Elude Arrest with Motor Vehicle, Reckless Driving to Endanger, Drive Left of Center, Littering Not > Than 15 lbs.