Davis-led group buys TV station – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: I just love the comment Davis says, “to preserve the legacy of his friend Herb Greenberg.” Really? I think that came from because Andre Knight said his family purchased the church downtown to save the legacy. So if Herb was such a friend, how do you not keep his wife included? If he was such a friend why didn’t he help Herb’s wife with her fight trying to save the family legacy? I wonder did Davis reach out to Herb’s wife before purchasing the station? What a friend he is. Oh just my ignant opinion, especially since I know the history behind the mess with Sandra and Herb’s wife fighting over the station. It was a letter sent to the media and was read on WNCR TV a couple of days ago from Herb’s wife talking about her fight going through the Nash County court trying to get control over the station but the Clerk of Court ruled in Sandra’s favor. Herb’s wife also talked about her husband died at Sandra’s house and that was a strange situation. It appears this story is just beginning.

A Nash County commissioner has become partial owner of a local television station.

Board Chairman Robbie Davis purchased 37.5 percent of WHIG in June, according to FCC filings.

Davis said he invested in WHIG to preserve the legacy of his friend Herb Greenberg, who created the station two decades ago.

“Herb was a close friend,” Davis said. “I also did this as an investment.”

WHIG has plans to move to the campus of N.C. Wesleyan College, said Judy Rollins, the college’s vice president of enrollment and marketing. (Rocky Mount Telegram)


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