Rocky Mount NC – Should The Rocky Mount Police Department Follow The N.C. State General Statue When Reporting Information To The Council And To The SBI

Please tell me what you think about Mayor Combs response? Does the mayor’s statement speak to the issue that is being raised by the citizens and others?

City of Rocky Mount, NC Gov. Offices

In reference to recent reports about the police stats, please see the full statement provided by Mayor David Combs:

“In reference to shooting into an occupied dwelling, the Rocky Mount Police Department does not follow the N.C. State General Statute when submitting information to the SBI for reporting purposes. Cases, however, are prosecuted according to the statutes. The police department utilizes the State Bureau of Investigation’s (SBI) Incident Based Reporting Data Collection guidelines which adheres to federal criteria and not the state statute.

In 2013, the police department invited the FBI in for an opportunity to review the city’s coding system. To maintain the public’s trust, the city will invite the agency back to further review the coding system, and we will make any necessary changes.”


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