Statistics downplay violent offenses – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Interesting. The question is are the crimes being reported correctly. It appears some folk don’t think the chief is reporting correctly so therefore just maybe there needs to be a community discussion on the matter. This is where the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission, The NAACP and other groups could have a mass meeting to discuss the matter either individually or collective. Okay if it is determined that the majority is pleased with the reporting, then so be it but if not, then it would be asked of the chief to report the crime as the majority think it is correct based on facts. It would be good to have some folk on the panel from different areas such as community, business, law enforcement and wherever. This matter has been at the forefront for quite some time now and some closure need to be brought forth. Maybe the chief is correct in his reporting. If not, I would think he would be willing to change the way he report.

Many local law enforcement officials, including officers who work for Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore, don’t believe his recent report that violent crime in the city is at historic lows.

In a mid-July press release, Moore stated that since 2012 — the year he became chief — his department has had “phenomenal success” in reducing serious crime, with violent crime at the lowest point since 1989.

Not mentioned in Moore’s press release is the city’s homicide rate, which has doubled so far this year over 2016. Last year, there were four reported homicides; so far in 2017 there have been eight shooting deaths in the city.

A half-page spreadsheet provided by Moore shows only 19 of the more than 400 incidents reported in June were classified as violent crimes, compared to June 2016, when 63 violent crimes were recorded — a 73 percent decrease. (Read more)