The Following Photo Speaks Volume


I look at things that folk comment on on social media and it just tickles me. They pick and choose certain articles to comment on because they are scared how others are going to look at them and/or they can not take the criticism that may come with it. If you are scared, say it and get somewhere and sit down.

There are things going on and folk are silent but they always talking about change. They are quick to talk about what elected officials are not doing but they don’t call them out by name. Hell most of the time they don’t even know what they are saying when they attempt to call them out because they don’t know the role of the elected official. Educate yourself before you speak out.

I have come to the conclusion that I have maxed out in going to meetings because some folk want to just hear themselves talk but don’t want to get to the route of the problem. You see they want to say all of these pretty words that sound good when we are fighting a nasty mess. You got to put on your dirty clothes so you can fight. Many folk in meetings that I attend and or the talk on social media act as if they have figured something out when the same issues I have been dealing with since the late 80’s still exist. Why? Because folk don’t want to stand up and talk about real issues so therefore the same issues come and go. It takes all of us to get rid of mess but that is hard to do because folk are scared. Those scared folk are the ones that have the most mouth but scare to call a spade a spade. They look for others to do the work and then they come to the table when the cameras arrive.

This photo speaks volume. So many folk say they love Dr. King. Hell they say that now because he is dead. Where were they when he was alive and fighting for their ass? Oh they were silent! And then some today don’t even appreciate all that he done because they think they have arrived.

If you didn’t know everyone has a role to play and it begins with you.

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