Sweep targets guns, drugs – Rocky Mount Telegram (When The Head Is Involved Out In The Community That Is A Good Thing)

The Watch Dog response: So what is wrong with this article? Look at the photo, why does it have to always be black folk as the star? That photo didn’t deal with guns or drugs unlike the other photo that was not that of a black man that was being given a breath test. Most folk would say nothing ain’t nothing wrong with the article or the photo but I also question why was the Chief James Moore not quoted? I wonder was he on the street with the others as all of this unfolded because this was within the city limits of Rocky Mount. Now I have spoke up in defense of Chief Moore about the quote that continue to be repeated by others that he said Rocky Mount didn’t have a problem with drugs and gangs. However I just read some comments on 252 Hood News this week where folk were talking about Chief Moore. I am beginning to wonder just what role does the Chief play into reaching out to community about the crime problem in Rocky Mount. Now don’t get it twisted because I am not saying that the Chief can stop the crime, I am just saying is he on the street and in touch with the community so that they will trust him to help solve crime. In other words I wonder what kind of relationship does he have with the community.

All hands were on deck Thursday evening in Rocky Mount for a joint law enforcement sweep to get guns off the city’s streets.

Twin Counties law enforcement agencies including the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office, Nash County Sheriff’s Office, Rocky Mount Police Department, Tarboro Police Department and Pinetops Police Department teamed up with the N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement and the State Bureau of Investigation for a sweep of Rocky Mount dubbed Operation All Hands on Deck.

Edgecombe County Sheriff Clee Atkinston said planning for Thursday’s sweep started only a week ago but many agencies came on board quickly to make the operation a success. Atkinson thanked Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore for offering his department’s officers to the operation.

“When I asked for that help, Chief Moore did not hesitate to help,” Atkinson said. (Read more)

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