The Media Did A Hell Of A Mess With The SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Diploma Being Withheld Coverage

I am amazed how the media made folk look ignant as it relates to the SouthWest Edgecombe diploma being withheld. I am talking about folk that ought to know better even some former educators who are stuck on the principal withholding the diploma.

I posted the facts out there as presented to me on my blog which automatically goes to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I have come to the conclusions that some folk don’t want to know the truth because if they did they would read my stuff in death. Some just read the topic and don’t read the whole thing so they can get the facts. But because it don’t require much to look at the TV, they take that couple of seconds and run with it. Sad!

I have even had some folk to ask me what happened at events that I recorded for free, took the time to upload the entirely event on YouTube so they can watch it but they want me to tell them. And then when I tell them, they act like they were there and begin to know more about the issue than I do. Just ignant!

It is sad when folk that ought to know better do not research stuff to make sure they get the facts but no they join in with the one-sided story being told. How in the hell do black folk do that when they have been lied on over the years?

In Edgecombe County Tarboro the county seat only has 2 local newspapers but they only are published one time a week. You have to purchase them and you only get a potion of what happened. Those that really want the whole story and the truth they go to my page for free. I run into folk all the time that tell me when they want to know what is going on they go to my page. Maybe I need to start charging to read my trues and those who want half trues will support my work.

I hope folk will look at the media in a different way in the future. Know that when they are only telling one side of the story that something is wrong with that photo.

My challenge to folk is check out what is going on so that when you talk to others you will be informed.

At a time when children are lacking when it comes to parenting, some children are lost and roaming without any disciplining folk ought to know better are joining in and saying it is okay for a child to disrespect authority but it is not okay for an adult in authority to discipline a child. Damn something is wrong with that photo.


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