Craig Harris Principal SouthWest Edgecombe Is No Longer On Suspension

After the school board meeting on Monday evening it was announced on Tuesday morning that Craig Harris was no longer suspended and was still principal at SouthWest Edgecombe. Sources say that there was an earlier meeting on that day whereby the John Farrelly Superintendent and Craig Harris met. There was no mention of the suspension during the open session of the special called meeting on Monday June 26.

It was never publicly said why Mr. Harris was suspended but some have said it was because of the diploma being withheld. However that is not what sources reported to The DCN. Although Mr. Harris is back at the school the whole story about the diploma being withheld still need to be told because I was in a meeting on last Thursday and it came up. I had to correct them because they were repeating what the local, state and national news reported the one-sided mess. The facts are out there and on The DCN so folk can continue to ignore the trues. That ain’t good!

A special meeting need to be called to publicly get the whole story out letting folk know what the guidelines were during the graduation and that will clear up the mess that was created and went viral with my video and photos on a national level.


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