Thank You Coach Delphine Mabry For Your Facebook Post About Principal Craig Harris Suspension At SouthWest Edgecombe HS Graduation Mess


Thank you for the post it is time for the school system to let the community in on what the problem is. They could say publicly what he is suspended for, that would not be too personal. I feel we have a right to know.

We have a black majority school board and they ain’t saying a damn thing publicly when it is a black male student and a black principal tied up in this mess. Yeah I like calling it mess because from the facts presented as I know them as I attended the graduation, videoed and took photos, following facebook and the media on the local, state and national levels, the only thing I am getting out of this is… It is okay for a student to disobey the principal but it is not okay for the principal to discipline the student. I don’t want to hear a damn thing about the diploma being held because that was the superintendent’s opinion that he felt it shouldn’t have been held. I have not seen anywhere that that is law. And if it is, damn if it ain’t a problem with the law because right down the road in Halifax County 50 miles away it was done and about 90 miles away in Fayetteville NC it was done. This was during the same week if I am correct. Not saying it should have been done but I am just ignant enough to believe that 3 schools would not have thought they could do it if it was a law. Hell it was done at SouthWest in 2009 when my daughter graduated and I recorded that also. The student in his robe hollered and he was escorted off the football field. I know he didn’t march. I was told he didn’t get his diploma until the following week.

I think I need to call a community meeting and have it at the school to find out what is going on. Seem like these pastors around here would do that. But then again you have these community organizations too. Oh well!

But the main thang is the school system ought to call a community meeting and let folk come and voice their opinions about the situation. The school board members get paid good damn money to represent us as they are elected by us. Ya’ll black folk better wake the hell up and hold these elected officials accountable. Not saying they are not right about the suspension process but they owe it to us to communicate to us even on a limited basis.

But you see I don’t need to call the meeting and other meetings because I speak out about issues so if I call the meeting it will seem to appear it is my meeting for personal reasons but you see if others have it and I go and voice my opinion, then they can’t twist that. Oh but then again they attempt to twist anything I do.

You can C.D. that! While You Run & Tell That! #teamdancyCurmilus