SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation This Is What I Know That Ain’t Nobody Talking About A Parent Being Removed

SouthWest Graduation ain’t nobody talking about this.

One of the first one that was removed from the graduation for yelling was a Sheriff Deputy’s wife. I was standing beside a deputy and he seen it happen and didn’t do anything. Well something was eventually done. She was removed.

Now twist the hell out of that and tell me she didn’t know the rules.

Now I am one of the Sheriff of Edgecombe County most dedicated supporter for his appointment and for his upcoming election in 2018. However I am going to hold him accountable to deal with issues and if not I will call him out.

My point is the Sheriff Department is hired to come out to remove anyone who are disruptive and disrespectful so if a deputies wife, family member or friend is not removed then action need to be taken.

By no means do the Sheriff have control over how a deputies wife, family member or friend acts but if and when the deputies do not carry out their role then they must be held accountable for their non action. When the Sheriff is asked to get involved then if he does not handle the issue then that is when I am talking about I will hold him accountable.


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