SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Mess Since My Inbox Has Been An Issue Then Here Is An Inbox That Has Not Been Talked About

I care about folk and I show them by reaching out to them not knowing how they are going to receive it but I am ready to reap the consequences. If I get cussed out I ain’t going to respond in the negative and say that I apologize for reaching out to you.

There are many inboxes I have gone in but including all parties involved for instance some females were on facebook going at it and I asked them to stop it and to remove the mess and they did. I have inboxed some females telling them I don’t like to see a female use the f-word publicly. Some receive it well and some don’t. Hey I have been told to f-me on and just recently by Marvin’s mother on facebook several days ago and my response was I bet you want to. But Greg Higgs have tried to paint a photo that I was disrespecting the female.

There will be many who read this and know this to be true but I dare to ask them to come forward because I know what I have done.

But to my main point I inboxed Cathy Barnes on Saturday evening and asked her to call me. When she called me I told her I read her daughter’s response on facebook to the graduation mess. I said have you read it and this is how I feel about it. I said I don’t think she need to get involved publicly and she is getting ready to go to college and she do not need this following her. Cathy agreed with me and even told me she know about facebook because she had gotten fired from a job for posting something on facebook.

I didn’t know how Cathy was going to receive me having a conversation about her daughter but what I do know is I was prepared for whatever she did cussed me out or whatever. She received it then but after following this mess I have seen little comments that I know were directed to me and I couldn’t get mad and still ain’t mad.

Cathy told me that the mother told her when she arrived at the graduation that they were not going to allow him to read his speech but he was going to do it from his phone. Cathy said she and her oldest daughter said they told her not to make him do it.

Enough said I think you get my point.


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