Sandra Langley Athletic Director And Coach Response To Graduation Mess At SouthWest Edgecombe High School

The Watch Dog response: Thank you as I stated several days ago when others begin to speak up the better off this situation will be. And when the Superintendent respond to my Open Letter to him it will definitely help bring some closure to this mess. I have repeated time and time again that I don’t video events/meetings and share it on social media promoting mess so I will call out mess. This is what I am going to continue to do but on a national level since they took it there. I love Edgecombe County and have been challenging the school system when they were wrong but I support them when they are right. I pledged to be an advocate for education and that means beginning with the parents, the students and the staff because that is the order of the day. If no parent, no student, no student no need for a staff. Somebody gonna miss that.

Sandra Langley The two students that were asked to speak did sign a contract; the val and the sal. They were the only two that were to give and write speeches. So there was a paper trail. If you are not asked to write a speech, you do not need to sign a contract. Again, the two that were to write speeches did sign contracts.

No other individuals were asked to write a speech. The program was planned and the officers were asked to assist in the prepared program. These officers were given a part to read: welcome, introduction of sal and val, lighting of the memorial candle, farewell. There was nothing wrong with the program that was planned. This program was well planned and practiced graduation morning. If all individuals involved in the program follow the program and not deviate, this would have been a great program and no one would have been hurt and especially SouthWest Edgecombe’s reputation. I am all about SouthWest and I am all about having a dignified graduation. I am a team player and sometimes it is important to put team before self.


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