Attention – Wow For The Past Week It Has Been Said I Was Seeking Attention

While they were contacting the media across the nation, the same media was contacting me asking for my permission to use my video and photos as it relates to the SouthWest Graduation mess. What they didn’t understand was they were actually promoting me as well. You see I recognize and understand that I am promoting folk especially ungrateful folk.

What I should have done all week was to ask them to pay me for my footage but I did not. Not saying that they would have paid me but I have sold some footage over the years at their offer.

Oh well just had to share this for the record.


Family, Friends, Associates And Other

If you see me and I am acting differently around you know that after the graduation mess that has tore up this county and seeing how you have ignored the facts that have been presented before you, I am going to act some kind of way around you. Don’t get it twisted I am not saying I want you to agree with me on anything but to only agree on the facts as presented. Not my facts.

I am fitting ready to take my social media pages to a new level.

But don’t forget that I didn’t just start doing what I do yesterday!


If We Ain’t Going To Deal With Local Issues That Affect Our Community Then The Hell With How You Feel About National Issues

Folk always want to deal with issues that are not locally because they are scared of how they are going to be perceived. If we ain’t going to deal with local issues then don’t talk to me about anything else. Not saying that national issues are not important but if we can deal with all issues then I don’t want to hear you.

The problem is folk are scared so if you are scared say it and get the hell out of my way because home first.


SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation 2009 A Graduating Student Was Escorted Off The Football Field When He Yelled Out

In 2009 when my daughter graduated and was the class president my wife and her just brought to my attention that a graduating student yelled out and he was escorted off the field, did not walk across the stage and didn’t receive his diploma until a week later.

I videoed the graduation so it is probably on the video.

Damn! I have heard so many stories about graduations over the past week.


SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Mess Since My Inbox Has Been An Issue Then Here Is An Inbox That Has Not Been Talked About

I care about folk and I show them by reaching out to them not knowing how they are going to receive it but I am ready to reap the consequences. If I get cussed out I ain’t going to respond in the negative and say that I apologize for reaching out to you.

There are many inboxes I have gone in but including all parties involved for instance some females were on facebook going at it and I asked them to stop it and to remove the mess and they did. I have inboxed some females telling them I don’t like to see a female use the f-word publicly. Some receive it well and some don’t. Hey I have been told to f-me on and just recently by Marvin’s mother on facebook several days ago and my response was I bet you want to. But Greg Higgs have tried to paint a photo that I was disrespecting the female.

There will be many who read this and know this to be true but I dare to ask them to come forward because I know what I have done.

But to my main point I inboxed Cathy Barnes on Saturday evening and asked her to call me. When she called me I told her I read her daughter’s response on facebook to the graduation mess. I said have you read it and this is how I feel about it. I said I don’t think she need to get involved publicly and she is getting ready to go to college and she do not need this following her. Cathy agreed with me and even told me she know about facebook because she had gotten fired from a job for posting something on facebook.

I didn’t know how Cathy was going to receive me having a conversation about her daughter but what I do know is I was prepared for whatever she did cussed me out or whatever. She received it then but after following this mess I have seen little comments that I know were directed to me and I couldn’t get mad and still ain’t mad.

Cathy told me that the mother told her when she arrived at the graduation that they were not going to allow him to read his speech but he was going to do it from his phone. Cathy said she and her oldest daughter said they told her not to make him do it.

Enough said I think you get my point.


SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation This Is What I Know That Ain’t Nobody Talking About A Parent Being Removed

SouthWest Graduation ain’t nobody talking about this.

One of the first one that was removed from the graduation for yelling was a Sheriff Deputy’s wife. I was standing beside a deputy and he seen it happen and didn’t do anything. Well something was eventually done. She was removed.

Now twist the hell out of that and tell me she didn’t know the rules.

Now I am one of the Sheriff of Edgecombe County most dedicated supporter for his appointment and for his upcoming election in 2018. However I am going to hold him accountable to deal with issues and if not I will call him out.

My point is the Sheriff Department is hired to come out to remove anyone who are disruptive and disrespectful so if a deputies wife, family member or friend is not removed then action need to be taken.

By no means do the Sheriff have control over how a deputies wife, family member or friend acts but if and when the deputies do not carry out their role then they must be held accountable for their non action. When the Sheriff is asked to get involved then if he does not handle the issue then that is when I am talking about I will hold him accountable.


Sandra Langley Athletic Director And Coach Response To Graduation Mess At SouthWest Edgecombe High School

The Watch Dog response: Thank you as I stated several days ago when others begin to speak up the better off this situation will be. And when the Superintendent respond to my Open Letter to him it will definitely help bring some closure to this mess. I have repeated time and time again that I don’t video events/meetings and share it on social media promoting mess so I will call out mess. This is what I am going to continue to do but on a national level since they took it there. I love Edgecombe County and have been challenging the school system when they were wrong but I support them when they are right. I pledged to be an advocate for education and that means beginning with the parents, the students and the staff because that is the order of the day. If no parent, no student, no student no need for a staff. Somebody gonna miss that.

Sandra Langley The two students that were asked to speak did sign a contract; the val and the sal. They were the only two that were to give and write speeches. So there was a paper trail. If you are not asked to write a speech, you do not need to sign a contract. Again, the two that were to write speeches did sign contracts.

No other individuals were asked to write a speech. The program was planned and the officers were asked to assist in the prepared program. These officers were given a part to read: welcome, introduction of sal and val, lighting of the memorial candle, farewell. There was nothing wrong with the program that was planned. This program was well planned and practiced graduation morning. If all individuals involved in the program follow the program and not deviate, this would have been a great program and no one would have been hurt and especially SouthWest Edgecombe’s reputation. I am all about SouthWest and I am all about having a dignified graduation. I am a team player and sometimes it is important to put team before self.