One Last Mention Of The Greg Higgs From Me

If you have been following Greg Higgs posts and comments over the past week he has attempted to discredit me bringing up all kinds of mess other than the subject at hand. Brother jealous of me.

Brother has been calling me and inboxing me over the years with his personal issues, children issues and issues in the community. I have talked to him and responding to him although I already knew he was jealous of me and didn’t like it about me challenging his uncle. SMDH!

Over the past week brother have talked me. Talked about me going to church. Talked about somebody go tell the Democratic Women on me and the mentioning of the Democratic Party. Well both the Democratic Women and Democratic Party follow me on my Facebook page so what is his point? But most of all what can they do to me? Have tried to make it appear that I don’t like Rev. Thomas L. Walker. He has said I have disrespected Jokita Wright and children who said to me f-you and I responded you problem want to. He has said I have called him a clown. I told him to show me the post and he has not. Why? Because that is lie. He say elected official don’t post on my page. He was mad with me because he and his uncle Rev. Roosevelt Higgs support former Chief Mosley during the appoint of the Sheriff and I support Clee Atkinson. Talked about me wearing mens yeah said mens on my shirt I guess he is talking about the shirts Clee Atkinson for Sheriff that I had made because I can’t think of where he was going with that. He also talked about me wearing my Black Lives Matter Shirts that I had made because I was not about being black. The list goes on and on. He asked why I haven’t posted the comment that the chair of the Democratic Party made during the 100 Men Strong meeting but he was not there. He asked why I had not posted the video? I said because we were asked not to do so and I follow the rules. I have asked Greg to show me all of these things and he has yet to do so.

Last week I did an open post to the brother, tagged him in it and told him to talk about me. Didn’t post much of nothing but kept going to the non-sense about the graduation mess.

Well this is my final conversation with him other than speaking to him as I see him in person and that is it.

I ain’t mad with nobody, I can’t help folk are always mad with me because I be winning. Nope don’t win all the time but I will say 95% of the time.



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