When Issues Arise In The Community The Community Need To Come Together And Be Proactive

It is a damn shame that no church and/or no organization has called a community meeting to talk about what is going on surrounding the issue at SouthWest Edgecombe with the graduation.

It is so many rumors out there and it is a student and 2 administrators the advisor and the principal involved. But I bet no one has thought about how the entire school staff are affected by what is going on and I know it has got to be embarrassing to them. Hell it is embarrassing to me.

What tickles me is how the facts are in the video and the photos but good folk are ignoring them and want to see the school disciplined and allow the student to get away with breaking 2 rules. Sad!

If the principal need to be disciplined then I stand behind that. It is not anything to do about the student but the acknowledge that he was wrong but all of the focus is about the school.

Where is the discipline and the morals in this story?

Oh I am going to break it down in another post later maybe tomorrow night or Saturday morning. I am so glad that all of the media are also contacting me to use my photos and video so that both sides can be seen and folk can make an informed decision of the facts as presented in the video and not what the student said nor the advisor and the principal.

What we have is a black student and a black principal in the national news and folk ain’t looking at the total photo but throwing the whole school under the bus when all of the staff is not involved but have to face this mess daily.

Stay tuned!