Video/Photos: Attention – In Response To Jokita Wright Asking Me What Did I Think Of Her Son Speech

imageMy videos/photos don’t lie. This is why I video so when folk get amnesia I can play it back for them. My videos/photos can work for you or against you. Click on photo to watch the speech beginning around the 13:30 minute timeframe.

Earlier today while I was at work and Ms. Wright was posting all kinds of mess on my page and/or tagging me in her comments.

I have searched and searched and can’t find the post where Ms. Wright asked me what did I think of her son’s speech and that I ought to admit it was awesome.

First of all I don’t think anything of the speech. Folk have been saying that was it because he mentioned God and you that was the problem. I said I don’t know all I know is you and he admitted that you didn’t follow the instructions by the school.

I got lost in the speech because as I stated earlier I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on? I knew he could read because I videoed and took photos of him 2 Sundays ago at the poorly attended baccalaureate. I was trying to figure out what was going on because of his actions and the folk on the stage were looking around as if something was not right.

I also wondered why he was not on the stage so therefor that also let me know something was not right.

After he came out of the auditorium and came over to you and said they pulled his diploma that confirmed my observations that something was not right.

Now going back to the speech, I was totally embarrassed this black Senior Class President making it a speech that I got lost in. I have heard many negative comments about the way he was reading and I have been telling folk that you made him do it and he was nervous. A source close to you told me that you told them when they arrived at the school that they were not going to allow him to read his speech. They said when he stood up you pointed your phone towards him to say you got your phone and that he nodded his head. Since I had moved to the back of the room to capture all of the students up close as they marched out as folk calling out students names and their faces as I snap photos. I post the video and photos on Facebook and Youtube so parents can see them and can get copies from me. Hell when children ask for a copy I give it to them and if someone gave me a donation I only ask for $5.00. Who does that? The folk, I assume either school system staff or someone hired to live stream the ceremony for the schools do not capture them coming like I do because they get the back of them.


The reason why they were talking behind him is because the Principal didn’t see him take out the phone and the Advisor informed the Principal.

Like I stated earlier I was trying not to further comment but ain’t no damn body going to bully me especially on my page and tagging me in their mess.

I am gonna stop right here because only ignants will not get this, I can’t just make these things up.

I asked the Wrights to take the mess down, I was trying to help but you can’t help folk who do not want to be helped.

Now You Can C.D. This! Let’s see You Run & Tell This!


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