In Response To Ja’Darius Wright and Jokita Wright My Children Better Not Disrespect An Adult & I Don’t Care How Old They Are

Ma’am you have done a fine job raising your children however I know a hell of lot more than what you think. Matter of fact they are very close to my cousins and I am going to leave it right there. I bet if this female was still alive they would probably be living with them but that ain’t none of my business but I know.

Sir don’t tag me with that mess. I have not commented on the mess in quite a while. I have not tagged you, your mother nor your brother no anyone. I have not commented on y’all page.

Post whatever want to about me on your page but don’t tag. Trust me I am not coming to your page.

However I am going to respond to your mom a this evening.

I don’t play with children.




Now Ya’ll can C.D. that! While You Run & Tell That!


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