Video/Photos: Attention – In Response To Jokita Wright Asking Me What Did I Think Of Her Son Speech

imageMy videos/photos don’t lie. This is why I video so when folk get amnesia I can play it back for them. My videos/photos can work for you or against you. Click on photo to watch the speech beginning around the 13:30 minute timeframe.

Earlier today while I was at work and Ms. Wright was posting all kinds of mess on my page and/or tagging me in her comments.

I have searched and searched and can’t find the post where Ms. Wright asked me what did I think of her son’s speech and that I ought to admit it was awesome.

First of all I don’t think anything of the speech. Folk have been saying that was it because he mentioned God and you that was the problem. I said I don’t know all I know is you and he admitted that you didn’t follow the instructions by the school.

I got lost in the speech because as I stated earlier I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on? I knew he could read because I videoed and took photos of him 2 Sundays ago at the poorly attended baccalaureate. I was trying to figure out what was going on because of his actions and the folk on the stage were looking around as if something was not right.

I also wondered why he was not on the stage so therefor that also let me know something was not right.

After he came out of the auditorium and came over to you and said they pulled his diploma that confirmed my observations that something was not right.

Now going back to the speech, I was totally embarrassed this black Senior Class President making it a speech that I got lost in. I have heard many negative comments about the way he was reading and I have been telling folk that you made him do it and he was nervous. A source close to you told me that you told them when they arrived at the school that they were not going to allow him to read his speech. They said when he stood up you pointed your phone towards him to say you got your phone and that he nodded his head. Since I had moved to the back of the room to capture all of the students up close as they marched out as folk calling out students names and their faces as I snap photos. I post the video and photos on Facebook and Youtube so parents can see them and can get copies from me. Hell when children ask for a copy I give it to them and if someone gave me a donation I only ask for $5.00. Who does that? The folk, I assume either school system staff or someone hired to live stream the ceremony for the schools do not capture them coming like I do because they get the back of them.


The reason why they were talking behind him is because the Principal didn’t see him take out the phone and the Advisor informed the Principal.

Like I stated earlier I was trying not to further comment but ain’t no damn body going to bully me especially on my page and tagging me in their mess.

I am gonna stop right here because only ignants will not get this, I can’t just make these things up.

I asked the Wrights to take the mess down, I was trying to help but you can’t help folk who do not want to be helped.

Now You Can C.D. This! Let’s see You Run & Tell This!


In Response To Greg Higgs About SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Really?

Sir read what? I talked to an Edgecombe County Board of Education Member on last night in a local store and they told me that the Superintendent told the school to deliver the diploma to him. What is your point? I said he would receive it responding to folk who said that it was made to seem that he would not get it at all.

You continue to show me just how you operate nothing that I didn’t already know but you may as well not to go talk to anyone in the school system and/or anywhere because they gonna see you are a joke.

You said I was a negro in the negative. No sir I am one bad damn Black Man and don’t need you to validate it nor others. I am damn good at what I do. I do my homework something that you and others do not.

I do not support Negro mess.

I disagree with the Superintendent about asking that it be delivered over the weekend because it was clear that that 2 rules were broken in the Superintendent’s response about the issue in the following post, The Superintendent Validate My Observation Of What Happened During The SouthWest Edgecombe Graduationbecause he should have made them go to the school and pick it up. But since he is leaving and the Associate Superintendent is scared as hell to deal with it so this was the outcome. I damn sure hope the A.S. do not apply for the Superintendent’s position.

Now You can C.D. that! While You Run & Tell That! My brother cause I ain’t mad with you. You just gonna learn the day!


In Response To Ja’Darius Wright and Jokita Wright My Children Better Not Disrespect An Adult & I Don’t Care How Old They Are

Ma’am you have done a fine job raising your children however I know a hell of lot more than what you think. Matter of fact they are very close to my cousins and I am going to leave it right there. I bet if this female was still alive they would probably be living with them but that ain’t none of my business but I know.

Sir don’t tag me with that mess. I have not commented on the mess in quite a while. I have not tagged you, your mother nor your brother no anyone. I have not commented on y’all page.

Post whatever want to about me on your page but don’t tag. Trust me I am not coming to your page.

However I am going to respond to your mom a this evening.

I don’t play with children.




Now Ya’ll can C.D. that! While You Run & Tell That!

The Superintendent Validate My Observation Of What Happened During The SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation

Well the Superintendent responded. Folk so caught up in this mess didn’t see the post I posted about the Superintendent leaving.

John Farrelly response speak to the rule being broken.

Go to Tales of an Educated Debutante to see the response.

The following is my response to the mess.

In Response To What Happened At SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Friday June 9, 2017

Now You can C.D. that! While You Run & Tell That!

In Response To Jokita Wright In Regards To Contacting Me Look At Time Of Events

I was trying not to respond to this mess after yesterday had said all I thought I needed to say but read this and see how Ms. Wright and supporters put a twist on this. I am not going to add or take away from the following conversation. I will say all I wanted to do was for them to get the mess off of facebook because folk already know the drama.

Sat 1:24am

Jokita Wright


Hi Butch…tomorrow when you have some free time,can you call me please 252-883-0046


Just seeing your message, fell asleep making the video of graduation. You can call me at (252) 314-5484 I normally get up by 8 AM on Saturdays and will be available all day. Going to Abrams in the AM for the Kids Day and the meet the Sheriff event at 10 AM.

Jokita Wright


It’s ok…I just sent it,lol. Ok…I will definitely call.Read my post & I can give u more details verbally.

Insert: A TEN TION! Lies! Where is the mention of a video. You told me to your page and look at it. When I go to your page I see the mess about the graduation.



Sun 1:50am

First of all the photo here was taken from my Facebook page and that is fine. I have no problem with folk sharing my photos however I do wish folk would make it known when they use my photos. Go to my Facebook Photos and then to Album and view my photos and you can see the video. Part 2 is where the speech is. Now my response to the graduation Farewell Address based on the facts as I know them after during some homework. Marvin I can not support you on this issue because it is evident that you did not follow the instructions directed to you by those in charge of the graduation. I understand if you have a problem with them not approving your speech and one was written for you to read. So are you saying that they didn’t allow you to read your speech or are you saying you were not allowed to write a speech? Marvin I understand you have done well this year however that has nothing to do with you following policies and procedures set forth by those in charge of the graduation. You say this year was a teachable experience and I would add that what happened at the graduation should be a teachable moment for you and all those whom are concerned about this matter. Marvin when you went up to the stage it appeared you got out the speech from under the podium like the others did that were on the program but it looked like you got out your cell phone. It appeared you couldn’t read, were not familiar with what you were reading and that you may have been nervous. I said something ain’t right because of that and then it appeared that several on the stage behind you were looking like something was not right. While standing in the lobby after ya’ll had marched out of the gymnasium you later came out of the auditorium. You walked behind me and went to your mother and said they pulled my diploma. I seen your family rush in the auditorium and staff were telling them they couldn’t go in. The police was called over. I seen the commotion going and I moved to the outside to take some photos. I seen your grandmother come out with some folk pulling her and she was making comments about what she was going to do if something happened. I left the school and went to Greenville to eat. I made a phone call to see what was going on. This is when I learned that it was about your speech. I received a message later that night after the graduation about the issue and the person was suppose to speak to me on Saturday but I have yet to talk to them. Number 1 first of all I was present at the graduation videoed and took photos. My photo is the one you are using and that is fine just wish you had given me credit for the photo saying photo courtesy of or from my Facebook Albums. I have been tagged in posts that I needed to help you and also tagged on pages asking what happened at the graduation. I was literally on the phone and on Facebook from around 2 PM til around 7 PM on Saturday having conversations about the graduation. Number 2 I was a little embarrassed by how you didn’t follow instructions. If you had a problem with reading what those who were in charge of the graduation wrote I can understand that but you should have read it and then if you wanted to use Social Media you should have followed instructions and then posted what you wanted to read. I could tell something was wrong during your speech. If you wanted to make a statement by not following instructions and intentionally chose not to read what you had prepared then you should have been prepared for the consequences. I will stand with folk who I agree with when they want to take a stand on certain things but I am a policy and procedures person and post all the time about dealing with organizations and others whom I am affiliated with holding them accountable for not following instructions. Number 3 you have admitted that you didn’t do what you were told so that is not questionable. If you wanted to make a statement then stand by what you did but I can’t join you and make the school system the victim here because you didn’t follow instructions. You read your speech and they told you you would be able to get your diploma next week so that is consequence. Folk been asking why you would not be able to receive your diploma and I told them you will get it that they can’t keep it forever but they can hold it. They are in charge and the issue is somewhat similar to when a student owe dues that tell them they are going to hold their report cards and/or diploma until they pay up. I am asking you to remove the posts about the issue because you have admitted you didn’t do what those in charge of the graduation told you to do. You took a stand and now you have to deal with the consequences. I am sending this to your inbox and hope that I don’t have to post it on my Facebook timeline. Thanking you in advance. I am about justice no matter who it is for or against.

Jokita Wright


Thank you & respect your thoughts & beliefs. Sorry but I didn’t reach out to you to support the situation.I was contacting you for business…pictures & videos for my God-Sister’s Bridal Shower which I was given in July,lol. I just asked you to read my post & I was giving you more details once I spoke to u about the Bridal Shower.That’s why I wasn’t rushing to call you back bc difft ppl were being contacted,but I recommended u The same way you have came in my inbox before about an accident last year.I’m sorry if you were mislead Butch.I won’t bother you again.I’m fine with whatever you choose to post.Do whatever your heart leads you to do.I don’t worry about anything I can’t control.No matter how anyone feels,my son WILL receive his DIPLOMA & the Board of Education has been contacted,heard his speech,loved it,& going to handle situation.Thanks

Insert: A TEN TION! Lies! Didn’t reach out to me to do a video. Never mentioned it in the earlier instant message but said to go to your page and look at it. When I go to your page I see the mess about the graduation.

Jokita Wright


Did this picture come from you? If so…this was sent to me & I sent to my sons,daughter,& family.


Yes it is my photo.

Jokita Wright


So it will also be a problem that I had this picture printed as well?


Not I explained that I don’t have a problem with the photo. I am not going to debate the issue. I stand by what I have said so I ain’t going to get into that. But I will say that who goes to school on the same day of the graduation. Did it say that they had to give them the diploma on the day of the graduation.

Jokita Wright


Harris went in & pulled his package with his diploma & transcript,graduates mentioned.And when I went in auditorium,Langley said it wasn’t him,Harris doing & he wanted to speak to me.Then was told he left,when he was in office the whole time per say staff member

Jokita Wright


All this was sloppy & could’ve been handled better.They never had to worry about my son nor me ever again once his pkg was given.Again…sorry for even thinking about mentioning the situation to u period.Regardless…I’m Mother.When my babies hurt,I hurt.My support team is strong & I DIDN’T ASK ONE PERSON.In God I(WE)trust & believe,NOT man.Goodnight…I have to get up 5:45am for work.

The following was a comment on my blog

Jokita Wright

In Response To What Happened At SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Friday June 9, 2017View Post

2017/06/11 at 11:00 pm

My son Marvin Wright nor I asked this man for support nor service.Butch you want attention.My son got this.I respect your thoughts,but it doesn’t matter to me bc u don’t have a DIPLOMA to issue.Thanks for the photo…u captured EXACTLY what we want to see & share.Awesome photographer….that’s why I reached out to u for your awesome service for a special occasion.Thanks for turning me to another direction.My son has his DIPLOMA & it was delivered to my home.I don’t care about this bc what u are doing is what I expected out of u.That’s why I told u to do what makes u happy.I don’t worry about NOTHING that I can’t control nor change.OAN…How did u like his speech?Give my handsome,respectable,wise,intelligent son credit that he deserve.It won’t hurt u to say,”AWESOME SPEECH”.LOL…Goodnight,I just had to pump u up for come back.I know u live for attention.Say whatever…I’m done & u can express yourself to ME in person.Not my son nor in his inbox…he’s still MY baby.

Folk just don’t understand that my support base is huge they just don’t respond to ignant damn mess because they don’t want to have to deal with folk that come after them

My inbox, emails, phone calls and face to face conversation if you only knew.

I will never say too much nor give my resources away. My resources give me the okay to speak for them.

I don’t have a problem with being TeamMe because I know I am damn good at what I do.

I do my homework while others are ignant to the facts and go along with mess. I don’t go along with black mess, brown mess, white mess and other mess.

Now is the time!

Now you can C.D. that! While You Run & Tell That!