In Response To What Happened At SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Friday June 9, 2017


Warning: If you want to respond you best respond with some common damn sense and don’t assume. Do your homework and post facts here. One thing you ain’t gonna do is make it all about me so if you have something to add that is about following policies and procedures then do not, I repeat do not post your comments here. I am in control of my damn page so get that! I am a 54 year old grown ass man and I say what I mean and mean what I say on my page. If you have a problem with that then you have options.

Now you can C.D. that!

I regret I am having to respond to this issue but I can’t be silent any longer because folk are still sharing this. I have been instant messaged, tagged in and have talked to folk on the phone.

First of all the photo here was taken from my Facebook page and that is fine. I have no problem with folk sharing my photos however I do wish folk would make it known  when they use my photos. Go to my Facebook Photos and then to Album and view my photos and you can see the video. Part 2 is where the speech is.

Now my response to the graduation Farewell Address based on the facts as I know them after during some homework.

Marvin I can not support you on this issue because it is evident that you did not follow the instructions directed to you by those in charge of the graduation. I understand if you have a problem with them not approving your speech and one was written for you to read. So are you saying that they didn’t allow you to read your speech or are you saying you were not allowed to write a speech?

Marvin I understand you have done well this year however that has nothing to do with you following policies and procedures set forth by those in charge of the graduation.

You say this year was a teachable experience and I would add that what happened at the graduation should be a teachable moment for you and all those whom are concerned about this matter.

Marvin when you went up to the stage it appeared you got out the speech from under the podium like the others did that were on the program but it looked like you got out your cell phone. It appeared you couldn’t read, were not familiar with what you were reading and that you may have been nervous. I said something ain’t right because of that and then it appeared that several on the stage behind you were looking like something was not right.

While standing in the lobby after ya’ll had marched out of the gymnasium you later came out of the auditorium. You walked behind me and went to your mother and said they pulled my diploma. I seen your family rush in the auditorium and staff were telling them they couldn’t go in. The police was called over. I seen the commotion going and I moved to the outside to take some photos. I seen your grandmother come out with some folk pulling her and she was making comments about what she was going to do if something happened.

I left the school and went to Greenville to eat. I made a phone call to see what was going on. This is when I learned that it was about your speech.

I received a message later that night after the graduation about the issue and the person was suppose to speak to me on Saturday but I have yet to talk to them.

Number 1 first of all I was present at the graduation videoed and took photos. My photo is the one you are using and that is fine just wish you had given me credit for the photo saying photo courtesy of or from my Facebook Albums. I have been tagged in posts that I needed to help you and also tagged on pages asking what happened at the graduation. I was literally on the phone and on Facebook from around 2 PM til around 7 PM on Saturday having conversations about the graduation.

Number 2 I was a little embarrassed by how you didn’t follow instructions. If you had a problem with reading what those who were in charge of the graduation wrote I can understand that but you should have read it and then if you wanted to use Social Media you should have followed instructions and then posted what you wanted to read. I could tell something was wrong during your speech. If you wanted to make a statement by not following instructions and intentionally chose not to read what you had prepared then you should have been prepared for the consequences. I will stand with folk who I agree with when they want to take a stand on certain things but I am a policy and procedures person and post all the time about dealing with organizations and others whom I am affiliated with holding them accountable for not following instructions.

Number 3 you have admitted that you didn’t do what you were told so that is not questionable. If you wanted to make a statement then stand by what you did but I can’t join you and make the school system the victim here because you didn’t follow instructions. You read your speech and they told you you would be able to get your diploma next week so that is consequence. Folk been asking why you would not be able to receive your diploma and I told them you will get it that they can’t keep it forever but they can hold it. They are in charge and the issue is somewhat similar to when a student owe dues that tell them they are going to hold their report cards and/or diploma until they pay up.

I am asking you to remove the posts about the issue because you have admitted you didn’t do what those in charge of the graduation told you to do. You took a stand and now you have to deal with the consequences.

I am sending this to your inbox and hope that I don’t have to post it on my Facebook timeline.

Thanking you in advance.

I am about justice no matter who it is for or against.