Why The NAACP Changed Direction: The Breakup That Needed To Happen

The DCN response: It is time for a change should always seeking to make things better.

For history’s sake, we must discuss why the storied NAACP recently decided to transition into new leadership. From working as a volunteer in the Association on the state level as a student, reactivating a chapter, organizing a branch, to ultimately becoming a member of the national staff, I’ve had an experience only few can claim. Surely, there are deeply ingrained issues that must be addressed but choosing the right leader is key to success.

This is why telling the story right is important.

We must understand how we messed up and make corrections. We (staff members) knew leadership was in crisis when many had to plead why saying “All Lives Matter” was problematic and why those affiliated with #BlackLivesMatter were gaining more traction when branches couldn’t barely get energized for the organization’s own marches. (Read more)


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