Promoting You Be It Directly Or Indirectly You Will Know Where I Stand

I promote folk that do good things however sometimes I have to promote some folk who ain’t bout oh yeah you know the word. But  when I do promote those who ain’t bout I am going to let you know that I don’t agree with your mess. You see I don’t support you just to talk negative about you but either I am a member of your organization or you just happen to be on the scene when I am documenting history.

I document history at my expense. I don’t get paid to do what I do. I use my video camera, photo camera, camera on my phone, my laptop and have to buy SD cards for my video camera and photo camera and they ain’t cheap. I have to buy DVDs. I have to buy ink to print my labels for the DVDs. I share my work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts on Social Media. Because my internet is so slow I go to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Marsha Cooper’s house and upload my videos to Youtube because their internet is way faster that the mess I have oh Century Link.

So if you think I am going to spend my time using my resources to promote you be it directly or indirectly and you make me look ignant because of your actions, hell to the yeah I am going to call you out. Now if you are doing what is right hey you good.

Now do you think I give a damn about you getting mad because I call you out on Social Media because you ain’t bout. Well you gonna learn the day!

Now you can CD that!


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