Promoting You Be It Directly Or Indirectly You Will Know Where I Stand

I promote folk that do good things however sometimes I have to promote some folk who ain’t bout oh yeah you know the word. But  when I do promote those who ain’t bout I am going to let you know that I don’t agree with your mess. You see I don’t support you just to talk negative about you but either I am a member of your organization or you just happen to be on the scene when I am documenting history.

I document history at my expense. I don’t get paid to do what I do. I use my video camera, photo camera, camera on my phone, my laptop and have to buy SD cards for my video camera and photo camera and they ain’t cheap. I have to buy DVDs. I have to buy ink to print my labels for the DVDs. I share my work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts on Social Media. Because my internet is so slow I go to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Marsha Cooper’s house and upload my videos to Youtube because their internet is way faster that the mess I have oh Century Link.

So if you think I am going to spend my time using my resources to promote you be it directly or indirectly and you make me look ignant because of your actions, hell to the yeah I am going to call you out. Now if you are doing what is right hey you good.

Now do you think I give a damn about you getting mad because I call you out on Social Media because you ain’t bout. Well you gonna learn the day!

Now you can CD that!

The DCN News Blog Online TV Report The News Got A Problem With That Then Prove Me Wrong

The DCN report the news, so if you be the news you have options whether it be positive or negative. I ain’t gonna add to or take away it will not be alternative facts. If you think otherwise look at the videos that I post along with the report. Prove me wrong!

You can get mad all you want but that ain’t gonna change the outcome! My videos don’t lie!

Now Run & Tell That!