A Courtesy Call To The Chair Lawrence Taylor Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Before I Posted The Letter Of Resignation

I called the chair Lawrence Taylor as soon as I finished my letter of resignation, Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chairman Lawrence Taylor Asking For You To Resign Your Post Effective Immediately to him. I talk about folk but I make sure I talk to the folk that I am talking about so they can hear or read it from me unlike some folk who don’t have the balls to come to me.

This is what I said to him, Mr. Chair are you intimidated by me because all I have done was try to help you and he said no and he didn’t know where that was coming from so what am I you saying? I said it appears you are not trying to learn what you need to know and is relying on Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to guide you. He said he didn’t know what I was talking about because he said I had got everything I had asked for. I didn’t respond to that but my response is not.

Mr. Chair said he was not intimidated by me and that he report to Don Davis and somebody sounded like it may have been a female and that he was going to say this so we would not have another conversation. I let him say all he had to say and then I said ok you know what I am talking about but don’t worry about it because we are going to leave it right there. I said he didn’t have to worry about me after today and that I was calling him to give him the heads up that he would be receiving something from me in writing and I hung up.

Mr. Chair again you have no clue because you do not report to Don Davis 1st Congressional District Chair alone but you 1st report to me and the other executive committee members per the Plan of Organization.

I have repeatedly told you you can’t keep having these meetings and not publicizing them because all Democratic Party meetings are open. You can’t keep calling meetings with your county officers and not making it public.

Well since talking to you, that further make me stand by my request asking for your resignation because you continue to do what you think is right by you and not by the Plan of Organization.

I am Curmilus Dancy II Precinct 11-1.

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