My Time Is Valuable And I Don’t Play When It Comes To Politics!

I fight too damn hard for folk putting my life on the line and spending time from my family while folk don’t want to do what is right. If I show up I am going to hold you accountable so when I appear and always with my weapons my video camera and photo camera along with my camera on my phone, you better be on your best behavior. But most of all you better know what the hell you are doing. Expect me to be at your meetings then I expect you to know what the hell you are doing and not waste my damn time. No more because I am going to show you how ignant I can be because you haven’t seen that side as of yet.

A Courtesy Call To The Chair Lawrence Taylor Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Before I Posted The Letter Of Resignation

I called the chair Lawrence Taylor as soon as I finished my letter of resignation, Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chairman Lawrence Taylor Asking For You To Resign Your Post Effective Immediately to him. I talk about folk but I make sure I talk to the folk that I am talking about so they can hear or read it from me unlike some folk who don’t have the balls to come to me.

This is what I said to him, Mr. Chair are you intimidated by me because all I have done was try to help you and he said no and he didn’t know where that was coming from so what am I you saying? I said it appears you are not trying to learn what you need to know and is relying on Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to guide you. He said he didn’t know what I was talking about because he said I had got everything I had asked for. I didn’t respond to that but my response is not.

Mr. Chair said he was not intimidated by me and that he report to Don Davis and somebody sounded like it may have been a female and that he was going to say this so we would not have another conversation. I let him say all he had to say and then I said ok you know what I am talking about but don’t worry about it because we are going to leave it right there. I said he didn’t have to worry about me after today and that I was calling him to give him the heads up that he would be receiving something from me in writing and I hung up.

Mr. Chair again you have no clue because you do not report to Don Davis 1st Congressional District Chair alone but you 1st report to me and the other executive committee members per the Plan of Organization.

I have repeatedly told you you can’t keep having these meetings and not publicizing them because all Democratic Party meetings are open. You can’t keep calling meetings with your county officers and not making it public.

Well since talking to you, that further make me stand by my request asking for your resignation because you continue to do what you think is right by you and not by the Plan of Organization.

I am Curmilus Dancy II Precinct 11-1.

Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chairman Lawrence Taylor Asking For You To Resign Your Post Effective Immediately

I am asking that Lawrence Taylor Chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to resign because it is obvious that Lawrence is still running the party through Rev. Roosevelt Higgs mess. It is evident because the last meeting we had you didn’t have the sense to figure out if we had a quorum and asked Higgs, didn’t even ask the secretary and the rest of the officers. You appointed Higgs as a parliamentarian along with 2 others and did it at the end of the meeting. Hell that should have been done at the beginning of the meeting. Neither one is an attorney.

I am asking that you resign your post as chair of the party because you have had 2 meetings that were not announced calling a meeting for you and the county officers which is you, 1st vice Martha Knight Johnson, 2nd vice Dr. Glenda L. Knight, 3rd vice Attorney Jim Marrow, secretary Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown and treasurer Stephanie Hunter. I have told you time and time again that all meetings of the Democratic Party are to be made public. When the entire executive committee is not in session the county officers can meet but they are to be announced however anyone other than the county officers can’t participate unless the county officers allow them. I attended the 1st meeting you called and the only one that was invited was Dr. Florence A. Armstrong and she was allowed to speak. I learned about the meeting at the board of elections meeting the day before your meeting. I was there and was mad as hell because 1st of all you gave the officers an outdated version of the Plan of Organization October 2016 and I gave a note to the secretary to tell you that the latest version was February 2017. You had told me you were going to let me know about the meeting and then that night after the meeting when returned my call you said you forgot to tell me. Really?

During the 1st meeting with county officers you talked about how Rev. Roosevelt Higgs had tore up the party. You said no offence to Attorney Jim Marrow a white male the only white officer and the only white person in the room you said to him the person said he/she was not coming to a nigger meeting. Well hell I was offended and I should have said something but I was trying to follow policies and procedures. There were other things that took place during the meeting that I didn’t like as well. You talked about folk posted negative stuff on social media and I ain’t too damn ignant to know you were talking about me. Now you know I wanted to say something then but again I honored the policies and procedures that I could not participate unless I was given permission.

During the May meeting to nominate names to go to NC State Democratic Party was so damn embarrassing. You didn’t have a clue of what you were doing and it is evident you ain’t trying to learn and relying on Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to tell you what to do. I have told you time and time again that he is going to be your worst nightmare.

It is evident that you have a problem with me because I am holding you and others accountable for your actions. Why did you think I was going to change just because you became the chair?

The problem we have with the party is that you, the 3rd vice and the secretary are new county officers. I see the secretary trying to learn her role and trying to do what she suppose to do but has no guidance. It is sad because the 1st vice and the 2nd vice have no clue of what they are doing so therefore the the county officers are dysfunctional and are not trying to learn what they need to be doing. What ya’ll need to understand is that you can’t operate totally off of what you feel without first operating from the Plan of Organization. You need to get some training although some of you have been a county officer for quite some time. Actually you need to resign along with a couple of others if they don’t begin to do better. Get some damn training.

Obviously you do not have a cell phone but that is okay. However it would make you more accessible to the people you are representing.

I could say more however I think you get my point but there is one more point I really want to make but I ain’t at this time and will speak to you about it.

I have invested too much time in the Democratic Party and I will not allow anyone to make me look ignant as I serve as a precinct chair and as a registered Democrat. I have been doing what I do since the late 80’s and I am not going anywhere until the good master has the last say.

At the rate you are operating this is an insult to me and should be an insult to others but I dare not speak for them. If they like it, I love it but I will not be ignant to what is not alternative facts as to what has taken place since the time you have been in office.

I see you have provided food for all the meetings you have called and that is fine, however thanks but no thanks. When the party get to where it need to be then I will sit down and fellowship but after going through a bunch of b.s. like the 2 meetings you have had, can’t eat with you especially food you have hand prepared.

I am going to continue to attend the meetings and report out from The DCN News Blog Online TV. I will give my ignant opinion of what happens at the meetings and post the video online so that folk can prove me wrong. 

Lawrence I am asking that you resign because it is evident that you are not concentrating on learning the office you hold as chair. It is evident that you are relying on Rev. Roosevelt Higgs for guidance. It appears you are taking on some of the characteristics of Higgs and one that comes to mind is bullying. Could not be my wife. (Not going into detail.) But not going to allow it to be done to others wife without speaking out. It is evident that the 1st vice and 2nd vice have no clue of what the Plan of Organization is for and they should be trying to help guide you since they have been county officers and just moved to another office. It is evident that you are not attempting to address anything that is going on the local, state and national level with all that is going on with that other party. It is evident that you are working on petty mess such as talking about I am not the voice of the party. Sir I am not the voice and ain’t trying to be the voice. If I wanted to be such I would have ran for an office. Sir I would not even be a precinct chair if I could attend the Democratic Party meetings and have a voice as a regular registered Democratic citizen.

I am Curmilus Dancy II Precinct Chair 11-1.