Attitude! Nope I Know My Options

You know I could have an attitude because I have done so much for so many folk who don’t even patronize my work. I have supported so many folk when it comes to community work and/or political but they don’t patronize what I do. I promote folk by videoing and etc. helping to get them to the next level. I even criticize some only to help them be better at what they do and they don’t understand, don’t care and/or just ignant! But that is alright because if they are doing something that I know will benefit others I will support it but when they are ignant, I will expose their ignance as well and then when they do something else positive I will support that. But I ain’t that go along to get along guy.

It is amazing that with all of the things going on that these folk I have promoted do yearly, it is funny how they don’t patronize as an individual or through their organizations/businesses. You see they could incorporate for such services yearly when they do their budget so it will not come directly out of their pocket.

Well I got some folk that I network with and those are the ones I am loyal to. So if you don’t see me at your stuff, just know I ain’t loyal to you. But I just may show up if I feel like it and just don’t have anything else to do.

Over the years it used to bother me not to show up at everything. Well today, don’t bother me at all. The only thing that bothers me is if, just if the newspaper happen to show up, I will only get bits and pieces of what happen, when my videos tell the whole story.

Yep said all of that but I know my options and I think I have already stated them above.