Video/Photos: Edgecombe County Democratic Party Lord Help Us!

The Edgecombe County Democratic Party met to nominate 3 names to be sent to Raleigh NC.

Why in the hell was appointing a parliamentarian at the end of the meeting? And then why was 3 appointed by the chair? Why wasn’t a lawyer appointed to be a parliamentarian?

Just because the treasurer was not present does not mean a treasurer’s report should not be given. Hell the report could be sent to the meeting if the treasurer is not going to be present, that is what has been done in the past. A precinct chair asked how much was in the treasurer and a report was given from a document dated 4/15 during the county convention. What the?

First of all I seen the meeting was going to be crazy when the chair asked Rev. Roosevelt Higgs did we have a quorum? What the? Damn we had the chair the 1st Vice, 2nd Vice and the Secretary and they can’t determine if we have a quorum? Something is wrong with that photo.

Damn see how these folk don’t even know the difference throwing out names versus nominating folk? A proxy member asked since Higgs said Rev. Thomas L. Walker said his name could be used that he was submitting his name because needed 3 names to go to Raleigh was his name being treated as a nominee and I said but no names have been up for nomination. So since there has not been a motion to nominate anyone then Higgs could have removed Walker name but look at what happened. How damn ignant to make a motion to include Walker’s name and then another motion to remove it. Smart ass Democrats in this here room. One damn motion could have taken care of the names by 1 motion being made to submit the names in order to be sent. But here we go again more Higgs ignant mess and folk allow his ignant mess to be carried out so what does that make them?

So it appears that we have a new county chair but he has given the mic to the former mess (county chair) so we will continue to have mess during our meetings. Check out how at the end of the meeting Higgs was allowed to take the mic and to personally attack me while the current chair let the meeting get totally out of control. See what this ignant attacked me about.

It is funny as hell to me that I attended a meeting called by the chair for the 6 county officers which is the county officers meeting but the chair later posted that he had had his 1st official Democratic Party meeting. Not this meeting was the 1st because the other meeting was not advertised and was not an entire executive committee meeting. I was floored in that meeting because in the meeting it was talked about how Higgs had torn up the party and folk said they were not going to attend nigger mess. Remember I posted not long ago that I was in a meeting and a person said no offense to the white man but went on to make the comment. I said hell I was offended but since the county officers meeting is not open for comment from anyone other than the county officers unless permission given, then I could not say anything. So I had to sit through this meeting mad as hell amongst some other things that took place.

Although Rev. Roosevelt Higgs ran the county party in the damn ground as was stated in the county officers meeting, the current chair has insulted all of us by allowing him to have the mic to deviate from the agenda about something that all Democrats in the room that was aware of the issue should have stood up and said you had no authority to write a check without bringing it before the entire executive committee. But nope see how he tried to make me the victim. Actually I was not the one who actually questioned him during the county convention about the issue.

We have a dysfunctional Edgecombe County Democratic Party so we are in for more mess. After the meeting of the county officers the night I could not speak, I called the current chair and told him he need to get the 1st Congressional District Chair in to have a training for all of the officers so everyone could learn about their roles per the Plan of Organization along with other important information in the plan. I told him before he try to train me about my role as a precinct chair he better learn his role as chair and it is evident that this meeting he has no clue.

It is a damn shame that our former Sheriff of Edgecombe County there was no resolution from the party. However during this meeting the current Sheriff was recognized and made it seem as if everyone was on board during the appointment. It is evident that he won by an overwhelming margin but these folk who want to talk now was not supporting him. Actually that is one of the reasons why Higgs is mad with me because he didn’t support the current Sheriff and I did and also because I have made him look like an ass by challenging him on the issue of thinking he could use his office of chair to write a blank check.

I am so sick of unprofessional and ignant mess but I don’t fault Higgs alone. When good Democrats sit by and don’t say anything it makes ignant folk think their mess is validated. The good Democrats will not address the real issue but will go to the current chair to talk about how he ought to deal with mess when they could have stood up and addressed the mess. Scared ass Democrats! Oh and I ain’t talking about the women in the party because in the past when he attacked the women I had to stand up for them while the men said absolutely nothing. The same happened when he attacked Commissioner Viola Harris during the County Convention.

Well look at the videos of this meeting because my videos don’t lie. Oh and by the way I don’t need anyone to validate what I do because I know what the hell I am talking about and will challenge anyone when it comes to the Democratic Party. Now run and tell that!

Part 1 – Edgecombe County Democratic Party Meet To Send 3 Names To Be Submitted To Board Of Election Appointment

Part 2 – Edgecombe County Democratic Party Meet To Send 3 Names To Be Submitted To Board Of Election Appointment 


Curmilus Dancy II
The Watch Dog Of The East

Note: Whoever the person is that run tell Rev. Roosevelt Higgs what I have posted you tell him don’t start the phone calls again because I will not tolerate anymore from him since he is not the chair of the party so he has no reason to contact me for anything. Oh by the way I think I know who run tell him but that’s okay I just hope they not only tell him but show it to him.



Teenager Codes

I learned some new codes that these youngsters be texting in their phones! TEENAGER CODES 😳 

***Pay attention to these on your child’s phone.

53X = sneaky way to type “sex”          

KMS = kill myself

LH6 = let’s have sex                      

KYS =  kill yourself

MOS = mom over the shoulder           

POS = parent over shoulder

CD9 = code 9, parents around          

GNOC = get naked on camera.

99 = parents are gone                   

WTTP = want to trade photos?        

LMIRL = let’s meet in real life             

1174 = meet at a party spot

IWSN = I want sex now                  

CU46 =  see you for sex

FWB = friends with benefits               

ADR = what’s your address

MPFB = my personal f*** buddy       

PAL= parents are listening

TWD = texting while driving             

GYPO = get your pants off

We must pay attention to our children, what they text and most importantly who they say it too!!! Copy and paste!