Reminder! Whatever I Invest My Time In, I Am Going To Be Actively Engaged So It Is Up To You How You Perform

Whatever I am actively engaged in I am going to be just that active. I will do my part. I will hold you accountable for your part and ask that you hold me accountable for my part. Just because you don’t hold me accountable, don’t get mad because I am going to hold you accountable.

I do my homework. I have a wealth of resources and I can be a resource to others but only if they want it.

I am damn good at whatever I do and that even means being ignant. I am damn good at that too!

Now whatever I am a part of all I want is to be treated fairly. I expect others to do their part. But if you don’t know your part then you need to learn it. If you don’t have time to do your part or to learn your part then why in the hell take on your part? If you are not willing to do what is expected per the policies and procedures then just maybe you need to rethink your position and get the hell out of the way.

I refuse to allow anyone to hold me right where we are. If you are not about moving forward per the policies and procedures and not what you think ought to be only, then there’s a problem. I ain’t got time for that! I refuse to waste my time and I will spend my time challenging you. You will not run me away. If you have a problem with me, prove me wrong when I challenge you because I am going to challenge you.

It is too much ignance going on today from other folk who ain’t on my team. I will not allow folk that suppose to be on my team to manipulate and to hold us right where we are due to they don’t know, don’t care, ignant to the facts or just don’t give a damn. I don’t fit in any of the those categories so don’t play with my intelligence.

Now if we are on the same team and you are not operating per the policies and procedures then you better get ready because I am going to call you out. I will do it amongst the team first and we meet in a timely fashion and then when you don’t come correct, I will call you out on social media so those who were not present or unaware will know who they are dealing with. You will not put me in a box when I know your a ain’t right and sit behind closed doors and say one thing and do another. You act as if I am not in the room when you do things so therefore you are playing upon my intelligence. You see others ain’t going to say anything but I ain’t the one.

I have been talked about, lied on, misunderstood and more but that’s okay because I ain’t mad. But what I will do is respond to the talk, the lies and address being misunderstood and more. You see I get mad when folk don’t talk about me. But I ask that when you talk about me tell the whole story, no lies and when you misunderstand me, talk to me and you will be glad that you did.

If you don’t know who I am and what I stand for then obviously you haven’t been paying attention.


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