Breaking News – Maud Ingram Has Pled Guilty To Several Counts Of 2nd Degree Rape

The Watch Dog response: It is with deep sadness that I have to post this release. However I know that my Senator will continue to represent the 1st Congressional District but not limited to with much passion as she has been one of the most effective Senators standing up for the people of NC in spite of going through this time in her life over the past year. But this is truly a godly woman so I ask all of you to support our Senator as she goes through these trying times. She will continue to make us proud and I am looking forward to her moving to a higher office.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Senator Erica Smith-Ingram

NORTHAMPTON – On May 1, 2017, Maud Ingram, a former probation officer, pled guilty to several counts of 2nd degree rape.

“These tragic events have been deeply troubling, said Senator Smith-Ingram. “My heartfelt sentiments and prayers go out to the victims and those impacted.”

Senator Smith-Ingram has lived a life of public service as an ordained minister and community leader. She has represented the people of Senate District 3 since 2015. Throughout her public service career, she has always been a strong advocate for women and stands against sexual violence and abuse of authority. 

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