Traditions Can Be Good And Bad Depends

Traditions some are good and some are bad. I try to look at things at face value the older I get. Some folk like doing things because that is all that they know, that is what moma and daddy did so if it was good enough for them then it seems to be good enough for me. Well it depends.

I posted on Facebook yesterday about funerals when the funeral home director gives instructions when the viewing takes place to not greet the family then that is what they mean. When folk don’t do as instructed it prolongs the funeral and put more burden on the family. Yes it looks like the family like the greeting but actually sometimes they don’t even remember you because they be out of it. I know because I have videoed a many of funerals and folk tell me they didn’t remember seeing folk. This is why I tell folk it is good to video the funeral so that you can first see what the preacher said, hear the songs that the choir sung and to see who was present.

Now talking about traditions. Yep I get caught up in them too but when I learn better I do better. I video funerals and don’t charge and will say if you want to give me something that is fine. A few has and close to a hundred did not. You know folk know me and know I am always doing something for the community so whatever they give, it is going right back to help someone else. But folk get the videos/photos and just say thank you. I accept the thank you. It is one thing if we network together so therefore you do something for me and I do something for you, but when I am only doing for you, you ought to realize that what you getting ain’t nobody else going to take time out of their busy schedule, get off work early and etc.

When you be a blessing to me, then you are being a blessing to others through me.

Well the time has come that I am going to look at traditions that directly affect me and my family to see what I should do differently.

If you see me acting a little different, then you know I have changed just a little bit more but I still love you.