Princeville NC: Mandatory Meeting For All Residents Of Princeville Pertaining To Mitigation, Reconstruction, Elevation And Acquisition/Buyout Options



Bobbie Jones,  Mayor

Linda Joyner, Mayor ProTem

JoeRoam Myrick,  Commissioner

Milton Bullock, Commissioner

Pamela Ransome, Commissioner

Town of Princeville





Daniel B. Gerald,  MPA,

 Town Manager

Tabatha Powell,

Interim Town Clerk

Gina Cain, Town Attorney




        There is a mandatory meeting for all residents of Princeville who are interested in the three Mitigation options to include Mitigation/home reconstruction and raising, Elevation/home rising, and Acquisition/buyout options. Mayor, Citizens and Congressman G.K. Butterfield, will all come together on the date of April 18, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 201 S. Main Street at Town Hall in Princeville (look for the white tent). Please come out.  We look to see you there! If you have any further questions, people feel free to call 252-823-1057.

3003 North Main Street

Tarboro, NC 27886

P.O. Box 1527

Princeville, NC 27886

Telephone: 252-823-1057


My Response To 1st Congressional District Don Davis

Dear Don Davis:

I first read your response on my cell phone until I got to my laptop so I could read it in big print. Wow! I have read your response to the issue at hand and I find it quite interesting. I hate it when folk play upon my intelligence.

Let me set the record straight it is not about you and Roosevelt Higgs unless you all want it to be. I am not dragging you into anything. It is called accountability.

It was never brought before us that there would be an expense for your services. However if it was agreed upon by the executive committee then that would have been in order but for Higgs to attempt to justify it by saying you deserved it makes no sense. I have never known the 1st Congressional District Chair to have to come in and do the work of the party.

Now let me talk about what I know. You came here 1st to the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission Forum which has nothing to do with the Democratic Party other than Dr. Glenda Knight is the chair and Rev. Higgs is a member. Information was being kept from folk who asked them for the public information as it related to precinct chairs/vice chairs and elected officials who had a vote. While they were contacting you nothing was even mentioned in the precinct packages about the Sheriff retiring and that the party would be meeting to vote on someone to be appointed.

There should not have been an expense on your behalf when we have 6 county officers not counting others on the executive committee who could have made sure the Sheriff Appointment was carried out properly if we didn’t have mess going on.

What this issue has done was justified that Higgs and his county officers have done absolutely nothing during their tenure.

I don’t apologize for questioning the issue at hand because there is a thing called policies and procedures so it is not about you and Higgs but about following the process. I refuse to allow the process to go unchallenged.

Yes Edgecombe County is in the system at the State thanks to you but if it had not been for the Sheriff appointment you would not have been called in and we would not be in the system. I understand we will receive $100.00 for having all of precincts organized. That was done only because of the Sheriff appointment but Higgs didn’t make that happen because I contacted someone to get with someone in Sharpsburg to get organized.

I will not allow mess to go unchallenged as it relates to Edgecombe County Politics and I have stated it time and time again.

Again thank you for your services however I hope this is a lesson learned because there are some folk who are not afraid to challenge leadership and we refuse to allow us to made to look like the victim for other folk ignorance. Trust me in the future I will question the fees for services provided to the county before the services are rendered.

I have never taken my focus off the newly appointed Sheriff nor anything as it relates to politics in Edgecombe County. I will continue to hold folk accountable for their actions and I ask folk to hold me accountable.

I will not be a victim as I have invested too much time offering my video services and it can’t get any more transparent than that. I have never been offered a penny nor have I ever asked for a penny. I have also been a resource in other areas as well.

Thank you my friend and I am focused. I am focused on it all.


Curmilus Dancy II (Butch)

Dancy Communications Network

The DCN News Blog/Online TV


Life Fully Paid Member NAACP/2nd Vice President
Edgecombe County Democratic Party Precinct Chair/County Executive Committee/State Executive Committee

(252) 314-5484


Response From 1st Congressional District Chair In Question To Edgecombe County Democratic Party Treasurer’s Report

April    9,    2017   


Donald    G.    Davis    2760    W.    Arlington    Blvd,    #308    Greenville,    NC    27834   


Lawrence    K.    Taylor,    Chairman    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party    1717    Harper    St    Rocky    Mount,    NC    27801   




ATTN:    Treasurer    Stephanie    Hunter   


Dear    Chairman    Taylor:   




Upon    the    request    of    Rev.    Roosevelt    Higgs,    the    former    chairman    of    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party,    and    action    of    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party    Executive    Committee    at    the    March    23,    2017    meeting,    I    provided    assistance    to    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party    with    filling    the    vacancy    of    former    Sheriff    James    Knight.        Regarding    questions    about    a    $500.00    payment    made    to    me    for    compensation,    I    wish    to    address    this    matter.   


At    no    time    did    I    solicit    or    indicate    my    desire    to    accept    compensation    for    assisting    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party.        When    the    former    chairman    inquired    about    my    expenditures,    I    repeatedly    indicated    my    intent    was    to    make    an    in-kind    contribution    to    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party.    In    turn,    the    former    chairman    repeatedly    inquired    about    my    expenditures    and    insisted    on    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party    covering    the    expenses    associated    with    filling    Sheriff    Knight’s    vacancy.        Thus,    he    expressed    that    I    should    not    have    to    pay    for    expenses    associated    with    filling    Sheriff    Knight’s    vacancy    and    he    repeatedly    expressed    his    appreciation    for    the    time    I    spent    fielding    calls,    sharing    information,    packaging    the    meeting    notice,    emailing    residents    to    keep    them    informed    and    traveling    to    Edgecombe    County.           



Apparently    Check    #1512    was    mailed    to    me    in    the    amount    of    $500.00,    which    I    did    not    have    knowledge    until    April    4,    2017    and    actually    received    on    April    6,    2017.        Upon    receipt,    I    contacted    Rev.    Higgs    and    shared    with    him    I    would    not    keep    these    funds.        Again,    he    insisted    I    accept    reimbursement    for    my    personal    expenses,    travel    and    time    associated    with    filling    Sheriff    Knight’s    vacancy.        Thus,    he    stated    again    I    should    not    have    to    pay    for    this    out    of    pocket    and    thanked    me    for    my    efforts.       


Please    note    Check    #1512    has    been    deposited    into    my    personal    banking    account    and    adequately    reimburses    me    for    my    expenses,    travel    and    time    associated    with    assisting    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party    with    filling    Sheriff    Knight’s    vacancy.        I    am    appreciative    of    the    reimbursement    of    my    expenses.        For    transparency,    those    expenses    included:   




    Purchased    Items                                Cost        Office    Depot    (100    copies    of    additional    agendas)                        $9.39        Office    Depot    (40    sheets    of    cardstock    for    additional    ballots)            $2.11        United    States    Postal    Service    (Postage    for    100    meeting    notices)            $130.20        Office    Depot    (100    copies    of    meeting    notice    packets    and    envelopes)        $44.40        United    States    Postal    Service    (Additional    postage    required)            $17.79                Total                                        $203.89   


(Note:        The    above    does    not    include    200    address    labels    estimated    at    $12.83,    which    I    already    had,    ink    for    the    printing    of    the    original    copies    and    the    additional    ballots    printed    on    my    personal    printer    estimated    at    $17.65    or    any    travel    expenses.    Travel    included    two    trips    to    Edgecombe    County,    a    trip    to    pick    up    the    biographies    included    in    the    meeting    notice    packet,    two    trips    to    Office    Depot    and    two    trips    to    the    United    States    post    office    for    approximately    328    miles.    Using    the    2017    IRS    standard    business    reimbursement    rate    of    53.5    cents    per    mile    and    the    market    value    for    other    in-kind    contributions    identified    above,    the    total    expenditures    are    estimated    at    $409.85.    In    addition,    there    was    one    incidental    expense    not    included    in    the    total    expenditures    above,    which    was    the    purchase    of    Robert’s    Rule    of    Order—11th    Edition    for    $20.23    from    Books-A-Million.        Thus,    I    could    not    find    my    copy    at    the    time    of    the    meeting    and    purchased    another    one    to    make    sure    it    was    available.        Lastly,    certified    copies    of    this    letter    with    a    return    receipt    will    be    mailed    to    the    parties    listed    at    the    bottom    of    this    letter    from    the    balance    of    the    remaining    funds.)   

        Enclosed    you    will    find    a    money    order   paid    with    cash    from    my    personal    account    in    the    amount    of    $500.00    made    out    to    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party    (see    enclosure).        Please    note    this    money    order    was    not    paid    from    my    campaign    account,    but    it    is    cash    from    my    personal    account.        Simply    put,    I    wish    to    make    a    $500.00    contribution    to    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party.        My    job    title    is    Senator    and    employer’s    name    is    the    State    of    North    Carolina.        The    enclosed    money    order    is    strictly    a    contribution    to    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party,    and    I    hope    this    will    help    address    those    concerns    regarding    me    not    accepting    any    compensation    as    well    as    those    concerns    about    me    accepting    compensation    for    assisting    the    residents    of    Edgecombe    County    and    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party.        I    do    not    wish    to    be    placed    in    the    middle    of    these    opposing    concerns    and    hope    all    parties    find    this    acceptable.   



All    along,    my    only    intent    has    been    to    successfully    assist    the    residents    of    Edgecombe    County    with    the    transition    in    power    in    the    Office    of    Sheriff.        Furthermore,    my    commitment    was    ensuring    a    smooth,    transparent    and    fair    process.        I    hope    this    has    been    accomplished    to    everyone’s    satisfaction.        Please    do    not    hesitate    to    contact    me    if    I    may    provide    any    future    assistance.   


Moreover,    as    a    result    of    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party    organizing    100    percent    of    its    precincts    and    the    data    being    entered    into    NCVictoryvan    prior    to    your    county    convention,    the    Edgecombe    County    Democratic    Party    will    be    presented    with    a    check    in    the    amount    of    $100    at    the    May    20,    2017    First    Congressional    District    Convention.   


Now,    let    us    remain    focused    on    supporting    our    new    sheriff,    new    Party    officers    and    electing    Democrats.   


Very    respectfully    submitted,   


Donald    G.    Davis       


    cc:    CD-01    Executive    Officers    Rev.    Roosevelt    Higgs    Curmilius    Dancy    Commissioner    Viola    Harris   

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