Edgecombe County Democratic Party Mess Bronson Williams Was Not Mad Because He Didn’t Win The Chair

I have talked to several folk who have said that they heard Bronson Williams got mad because he didn’t win the chair position because he left the building. Bronson had a funeral in Nashville his uncle who died and the funeral was in Nashville. My funeral was in Pinetops so I know he was late because I was almost late.

I got a text telling me that Bronson was nominated for 3rd vice but he declined. I called him and asked him why he declined and he told me why. He said he came for the chair office and since some folk had promised him what they were going to do and they didn’t, he chose to decline but will continue to serve as a precinct chair.

I heard that Martha Knight Johnson said that Bronson don’t ever finish anything he starts. Well damn she has not done a damn thing as 3rd Vice Chair and has now moved up to 1st Vice. I also understand that during the Sheriff appointment process that she said she was not going to give out precinct information because folk just wanted it to help Clee Atkinson for Sheriff. Ain’t that something.

Damn folk ask folk why they do what they do and stop assuming.

Now as it relates to my relationship with Bronson. We have had numerous disagreements. I recognize and understand he is young and new to the Democratic Party so I am willing to work with him. Bronson has a degree from East Carolina University in Communications and that is what I have been preaching about is lacking within the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. I strongly believe that Bronson could have been a great chair because he does his homework and although I get on him I believe he has much respect for me.

Folk we had an election of new county officers but you better still get involved because until they show me that they are going to carry out their duties then I will still have the same outlook on the party.

I am Curmilus Dancy II Precinct Chair 11-1 I approve of this message and do not need a 2nd.


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