Open Letter To Rev. Lawrence Taylor Newly Elected Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party

I immediately left after the election of you for chair of the party on today because I had to video a funeral. I congratulate and support you although I didn’t vote for you. The reason I did not is because I have been preaching imagecommunications for years. Bronson Williams has communications skills and if I am correct he majored in communications. Bronson has access to communications via radio and tv so I proudly supported him.

I don’t question whether you can be an effective chair and I look forward to working with you. I challenge you to do your very best to take Edgecombe County to a whole new level.

I have served as the county chair 1998 – 1999 as I filled the unexpired term of now Rev. Roy Gray when he stepped down and was suppose to go to work for Congresswoman Eva Clayton. I also had filed to run for school board and then when I was elected to chair leaving my 3rd vice office, I didn’t really campaign for the school board seat because it was not all about me but was about trying to keep the party together. I did just that.

I would suggest that you start having meetings monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly so the party can inform county Democrats about what is going on. I prefer monthly however social media can help in times when there are not meetings held. It is just too much going on with politics on the local, state and national levels to just have a meeting during the county convention and the district convention. The Repubs got some mess going on and the Dems need to make the Dems aware of what is going on to get them fired up and motivated to get involved in the party and to especially go to the polls.

Mr. Chair when you have meetings please send out all of the information in the packages stating what will take place at the meetings. When I was the chair I sent out the Agenda and on the agenda I stated the Section in The Plan of Organization that we would be discussing at the meeting so that folk could be prepared when they arrive. I also made sure I met with my other 5 officers and/or the secretary so that everyone would know what would be taking place at the meetings. I also wrote out what I was going to say on my agenda so that if something should have come up and I could not be there, I could pass on my agenda to the secretary and the next in line following me such as the 1st Vice Chair could move forward with the meeting smoothly. I kept my meetings in order and didn’t allow anyone to speak without addressing me the chair and I didn’t entertain no foolishness. I was able to keep out mess and my meeting lasted right around 1 hour.

If I can assist you at anytime as one of your precinct chairs, please feel free to contact me anytime. You know how to get up with me.

Again congratulations and I support you as my chair.


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